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  1. I love the idea of this thread. I confess I totally forgot about it. I've been testing a few new budget sticks and my fave was the quintero favorites from the bunch. Still nothing tops my RG perlas. The vegueros mantanias was a close second and JLP caszadores was third.
  2. CoRo box test 1 1/2 years in. Shaping up nicely.
  3. A little over a year of age. Been sitting in the humidor for about 3 months has definitely improved them with more balance. Great smoke!
  4. This Cohiba Corona Especiales that I picked up in Cuba last year. Just amazing with two years of age. I think it was more my mood and thinking about my time there more so. But the burn and smoke was spot on. Just curious what one was for you last month @El Presidente?
  5. Great review, one of my daily favorites. Perfect dog walking cigar. I've tried others but they can't hold a candle in the wind to the Perlas. I like to buy them in 5x5's as I find they are typically blessed with more age. Sub $5 cigar you can not go wrong with them!
  6. I think this is a rabbit hole that no one person can pin point the true answer. There's just to many variables to be certain of one thing.
  7. Great review! Looks like you got a winner in really good condition for a 60 some odd year old cigar.
  8. Couldn't you just buy some used glass display case, get someone to build some Spanish cedar shelves plus get a cigar oasis at the bottom, some fans, LED lights and do the same thing? There's a lot of fancy language here I feel you pay for. Like: "distinguished materials with cutting-edge technology" ha! or "UVC sterilization of air and water" - electric fans and distilled water.
  9. Esplendidos 19" for the win. It turned a corner in the last 6 months smoking great!
  10. Tubos for quick purchases if you have no remote storage. Everything else I'd go boxes. You can always buy glass tubes or source them from someone and reuse them for singles. I do that or even better if you don't finish a cigar put it in there temporary which is a good solution to smoke at a soon later date.
  11. This always tastes like fall to me. So good! Luis 18" for friday.
  12. Special occasion cigars are for me as follows. 1)Any of my Cohibas 2)Any DC's I have currently in stock Hoyo's, Partagas Lusitania come to mind 3)Sir Winston 4)Trinidad La Trova's 5)LGC MdO4 from '17
  13. This one from the Xanadu Mansion in Varadero Overlooking Pinar Del Rio Walking thru Old Town One of the barns in Pinar Del Rio. This place had great BBQ chicken with a great view in Vinales.
  14. Get what you love. Mag 46 is a great smoke! I'd agree with others is you like that ring gauge then a connie .1 could be an alternative.
  15. First half: nut, dark chocolate, leather, tastes so similar to a RG perlas. Even burn. Ash fell off in a nice half inch chunk. Medium body medium strength. When I first got these the strength was full but they mellowed out a bit. Pairing with a coke. Burn line has a nice thin mascara line. Towards the last half more dark chocolate powder flavor. I've slowed down my smoking as if I smoke them too fast as a petite corona the smoke gets too hot. 2nd Half: Full flavor of dark chocolate. I cant detect anything else. Burn line nice construction good. It tastes like a mellow no. 2 to me, which is fine. A little sweeter than the first half. Towards the end of the flavors go full nut and leather. Chocolate flavor died off. Construction is still good nice burn line. Not the most complex cigar but with those three flavors it's satisfying. Summary: I'm gonna score this cigar 92 points. Smoke time just under 50mins. It's a nice break cigar but it's no Double Corona or Churchill. I'm happy to have some but I'm yearning for a larger cigar with a longer burn time and more complexity. The dark chocolate nut flavor plays well not as flavorful as a good no. 2 but for this marca it works. It's a pretty straightforward smoke that if I'm in the mood works the best after lunch not a night ending smoke for me. For me personally I'd reach for a RGPC as they are so similar but for the price the stronger burnt toast/coffee flavor just hits the spot for me.
  16. Nails trimmed pic sure why not it's Friday. CCE Feb"19. I can't believe these are upwards of 6-700 USD a box now. I could have sworn I bought them in Cuba for 300ish last year.
  17. Last Pitched: An Exploding BBF, in late July. Not sure what was it's deal was but unsmokeable all the others where fine. Last Nubbed: Trinidad La Trova from Monday, that was a great cigar.

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