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  1. I miss-read the ring gauge question. I was looking at 46 and below. I am probably about a quarter by that standard. but I love the long and skinnies.
  2. This was a hard one for me because I love them both but ultimately had to pick the Sir Winnies.
  3. We already have a system for that... I have a fair amount of wine shipped to me and the law requires the shipper to receive a signature from someone over 21.
  4. Heroin......
  5. Agree.... this may get close to US politics so I will be careful but much of the effort to stop clearing dead brush and other flammable items has caused a big increase in fuel for the fires. I think I avoided the politics but feel free to edit...
  7. Great article. I wish I had known about it when I was in Tampa frequently for business.
  8. They eliminated the glass tops. Very disappointing.
  9. We may have enough Pittsburgh member soon to get together for a smoke.
  10. I think he meant the FWRC code so your review is in the completion...
  11. Just sent in a total guess... I had the 29th in my head...
  12. Sir Winnies are the benchmark for me but only have two boxes so don't smoke them much, I love As 54s 50s and 2s as well.
  13. So Deron Just corrected me by text on our get togethers, this cigar must be from a forgotten source which is regrettable...
  14. First cigar you gave me this one. Second one was Esplendido unless I'm totally remembering wrong...
  15. 2010 RE Box code unknown. It was outstanding in all aspects. Thanks @Cayman17
  16. I would fly them, but that route is an occasional vacation for me.
  17. I log boxes and box size into a spread sheet but don't track smoking of sticks. When I put the rest of a box, usually last third or so in the singles draw I note that on the spread sheet and take the count to 0 on the spread sheet so it is not entirely precise and shows somewhat of an over count. But my list is more for me to know what I have than an exact inventory.

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