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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I read it in this: 1st edition is from 1990s
  2. Hello fellow smokers. I just read that an American citizen buying and possessing post-embargo Havana cigars in the USA is potentially at risk of a $250,000 fine and 10 years incarceration. That seems an extremely high price for a smoke, even one as fine as a Havana! Do any of our American brethren have experience of these harsh penalties?
  3. My 2 cents: bought a box in 2014, smoked half & sold the rest on because I could get 25 RASCC & change. = There’s better cigars for less money.
  4. This is my new favourite thread, after 24:24 & 24:72 naturally.
  5. I love the term ‘stogie’. Thanks for the info.
  6. I hope they get on their feet & this will help. Hope to one day visit them.
  7. Been a while since I dropped in to here, smoking this 2005 Punch DC after a bbq lunch. Happy smoking folks! [emoji2]
  8. Must've been fiddly getting the bands back on! Is that the one I gave you?
  9. Last one was an H.U. Mag 56 which I foolishly smoked before dinner. I didn't make dinner & had an early night! Retro-hailing, circular breathing & how long I hold the smoke depends on the strength.
  10. Nice ride. Is it a year since we smoked fine puros at least 2 of those joints?! Great photos.
  11. Used to be 1 a day until 6 months ago when I slowed to 1 or 2 every fortnight
  12. Been a while, 65 pages on tapatalk, since i last looked in... Party Short in the English winter sun. Last of the box... Cheers!
  13. Used to enjoy both but now 2 babies means smoking outside only, unless round friends homes. If the conditions are right then I prefer smoking outside. Feels so good to have a great cigar, sun on my skin and a tasty beverage and as has been mentioned a fabulous view definitely enhances the experience [emoji41]
  14. PL Montecarlo, 3 left but I might go for the PC next time.
  15. El P could do with a vacation but I got back from one 2 weeks ago :/
  16. I've had several boxes from Stagnettos and they're A1, buy with confidence.
  17. I've had several boxes from Stagnettos and they're A1, buy with confidence.

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