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  1.;hl=LARRANAGA The above link should take you to a recent thread/poll on this cigar.
  2. a Vegas Robaina Unicos 09. And an 08 898 V from 08 for me tonigjt. Both mind-blowing! Knob Creek to drink. More later.
  3. Sounds like a good read. I agree with the premise that occupying forces can never really "win" but i think the jury is still very much out on whether or not the invasion and ensuing occupation was a mistake. I don't think you can call it a "loss" though. In fact, we may never know b/c who knows what Iraq would be like today or 10, 20 years from now if we had let things carry on as they were. I don't think that anyone can argue that Sadam was a very bad man and the world is a better place without him and his regime. I will certainly concede that many mistakes have been made along the way but i don't think that a short-term "win" was possible...probably not even a successful exit strategy. The question since the invasion has been "What now???". I don't think anyone has an easy answer. I think the best answer right now may be to get out but maintain a large coaltion base there (ie Ramstein, GITMO, Okinawa). Institute sweeping reforms to make the UN strong again and include the new middle eastern govts as vital parts of that. Hopefully, the people will get a taste of true democracy and capitalism and thrive in peace. That may be idealistic but most said it couldn't be done in postwar Japan and Germany either. If that is the end result, I think you can call it a smashing success.
  4. I actually told this story in my speech at one of my best friend's weddings several years ago. Worked great!
  5. I voted Pol but you really can't go wrong with any of them. My favorite combination. I will agree with Colt as well though. Don't limit yourself to the overpriced French stuff. Although it is wonderful, there is so much good out there to be had at much cheaper prices. Champagne proper, even the NV stuff, is typically too expensive for me to be an everyday drinker so i fill in with other Sparklers often. I will also agree with Colt regarding the sparkling Rose. I actually much prefer them in most cases. I get a ration of **** from my buddies about sitting around and sipping pink champagne but I don't care. ***Also, when thinking France, don't limit yourself to the major houses that you have listed here. There is so much out there that is under the mega-marketing radar and you can often find some real bargains this way. Philliponat, Ruinart, Feuillate, Deutz, Gosset, Brice are a few that come to mind. Bollinger is also conspicuously absent from the poll...
  6. Congratulations! There's nothing like it! Here's to hoping you get enough sleep to be able to stay awake through an entire cigar! I took me about a two weeks with both of mine before i was willing to sacrifice nap time to smoke one.
  7. 2009 Layer Cake Shiraz McLaren Vale, South Australia $15.99 at my local World Market I decided to try this after a recommendation from a good friend. I did a little research and Layer Cake apparently "produces" several different varietals from around the world. From what I gather, the wine is made elsewhere and they import it from the different growing regions and put their lable on it. Is this common? From what I gather, they have a Cab and Chardonnay from California, Primitivo from Italy, a Malbec from Argentina, and several others I think yet Layer Cake is a California "winery". This Shiraz is from the McLaren Vale and it says that it was produced by Pure Love Wines of Australia. Notice the front and back labels below. I would love to hear some input from you Aussies who may be knowledgable here. I cracked the screw top and poured a glass. It was DEEP purple in color. Almost black. It smelled like ripe Blackberry Jam. I was excited. My excitement was drained at the first taste. This is not a bad wine. It's very easy to drink but it is just empty. No depth of flavors, not many flavors at all. No soul. I can see why some people may like it b/c it is so neutral and easy to drink but I got nothing from it. At that price point, I certainly won't buy more.
  8. I think that Nicaraguan Puros such as Padron, Oliva, Tatuaje, etc. are the NC's that taste the closest to the generic "Cuban" profile. Thus these are typically my favorite NC's. I'm not sure what you can get your hands on but these three along with cigars made by Fuente from the Dominican are pretty safe bets. The problem with many NC's is that they are all strength and not much balance and finesse. I try to stay away from any SCARY names like Diesel, God of Fire, Man of War, etc. Who comes up with that ****??? I also try to stay away from any of the non-cuban versions of old Cuban brands (exs: The NC versions of Cohiba, Partagas, Montecristo, H. Upmann, etc)
  9. I voted "on Special Occasions" which is also considered "rarely" i guess. I love the Churchill and smoke them often but haven't found a DC that i am crazy about. It's not an issue of time or money for me b/c i will commonly have a churhcill and another cigar back to back which is typically more expensive and time consuming than smoking a single DC. Most of my smoking is done on weekend evenings at home.
  10. Rogers72

    Memorial Day

    nothing beats a good cook-out with lots of friends, beer and cigars. Let us know what you'll be smoking! Have a great one! I plan on pretty much the same.
  11. I find these fairly average. I used to smoke a good many of them but just haven't gone back in a while. As others have said...just kinda boring. They are consistent though and I typically find that they are a little loose on the draw which may be the culprit in much of their languish. For some reason, I think Habanos misses the mark with their more wide ring-gauged Bolis as I don't particularly care for BBF, BRC, or BCG but love all else.
  12. Several months ago, the Czar Crew hosted a photo comp for members which I somehow won. In case you don't remember, you can read about it here: and here: I was amazed to have won because I am nowhere near the photog that many of our members are and because I have never won anything...ever! About a month after the comp, I received a Bugatti Limited Edition B-1 in a Silver Palladium finish! This lighter is gorgeous! I have been meaning to post a review of it but have not gotten around to it until now. It fires perfectly everytime and holds a surprisingly large amount of fuel given its sleek design. It came in a neat leatherish presentation case as well. I just wanted to share yet another example of how gracious our wonderful hosts are. Here are some pics of it below. Cheers!
  13. another vote for the Xikar element. Fires everytime with a powerful dual flame.
  14. Next time, set a kill trap. The only reason for live traps is if you have a specific need for the alive animal once you caputre it. You don't really want to relocate a wild animal.
  15. i voted average. I gave up on these a while back so I haven't had since around 07 production. They weren't bad for me, just too much out there that is better. I think a blend change would work well here because it's a cigar that I WANT to like and SHOULD like. I always found them to be light, bland, and woody and I want this cigar to be bold, rich, spicy, PARTAGAS!
  16. Since 2006, I average about 1 cigar in every three boxes that is poor/unsmokable. This takes into account that most boxes don't have any with poor construction but then you get that one box where half of them are poor. This includes both way too tight/plugged cigars and wind tunnels. ***I am not counting cigars that may be a little tight or loose but only ones that are to the point of being unenjoyable. I may be a little liberal with my parameters as I generally consider myself pretty easy to please in regards to draw.
  17. This sounds like fun and I would love to participate. I think that I will try it using two 2010 Upmann PC's.
  18. Welcome Steve! I love your country and its whisky! Congrats on the baby that is coming soon! What part of Scotland are you in?
  19. I smoke these probably more than any other cigar besides the BPC. I love them and don't ever recall a bad one. I my experience with mostly young examples, there is not much complexity to them but they always deliver with excellent flavor and construction.
  20. It's a tough call here in my neck of the woods. The building and construction industry was hit HARD here but some have been getting by on large gov't funded projects (roads, schools, etc.). Things may be on a bit of an upswing in the home buying/selling biz but I feel that it is short lived. Interest Rates on mortgages have crept up a bit and I think we will have another "correction" or two in the market in the coming months. They tell us that unemployment is down slightly but I'm not seeing it in my dealings (mostly construction and manufacturing). Overall, I have an even dimmer view than I did two years ago. I have taken action in my situation. My career has been so stagnant for the past four years that I have decided to make a move. I am going back to my original plan and will be enrolling in Law School in the fall. With a mortgage and two kids (one in private school), I am quitting my job of nearly 10 years. I'm only 31 so I've got plenty of time left in the workforce but the next three years will be tough but i think it will be a good time to drop off the economic grid for a bit!
  21. Congrats on your free time! Your dilemma sounds like a good one! I REALLY enjoy Petit Coronas. I feel that they are typically really good in the "bang for you buck" category as it typically takes me close to an hour to smoke them. They are perfect for that one Weeknight cigar with a glass of wine OR for a nightcap after a larger cigar on a long weekend night when I may be in the mood for further indulgence. Also, where I live, it is quite humid in the summer so I often opt for two PC's rather than one larger cigar as the excessive ambient humidity can wreak havoc on a larger cigar before you have time to finish.
  22. Ive never tried one. I love strong cigars but have never been turned on by any other RyJ so i have thus far stayed away. Will try to remember to pick up a single next time around.
  23. The FOH Custom "Tampa" is the cigar that I would create.

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