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  1. I do it all the time. As long as you don't light it, it is fine to stick back in. The cigar doesn't need its cap to age. When I need one for immediate consumption and the prelight draw is "iffy", I stick it back in. Next time, I'll put that cigar out to dry box a day or so before i want it.
  2. I have absolutely no faith in my ability to review a cigar much beyond "love it", "like it", or "hate it" so the only thing I get from the cold draw is a rough idea of how firm or loose the draw will be. If it feels too firm, i will set aside for later when I have time to dry-box it. If it feels too loose, i will usually try to smoke it anyway.
  3. You can tell after watching a few of the highlights that the athletes from QLD are in a completely different league than those from NSW. Can they not field a decent squad down there? On a side note, in recent years it has become popular for kids (and celebrities) in the US to wear NSW t-shirts when they know nothing about it...kinda like the Che t-shirt I guess...
  4. I have never mentioned that I do smoke cigars to my Dr. I'm sure he has aksed if I "smoke" to which my reply is always "no". I only smoke 3-5 cigars per week and I refuse to throw myself into the same category as someone who inhales 2 packs of cigs per day. For me, it is an indulgence which i partake in moderation.
  5. My Xikar element has been outstanding. A key with any lighter though is to run quality fuel in it.
  6. The funny thing about Backwoods, Swisher Sweets, and the like is that I used to enjoy them! Years ago before I had ever had a REAL handmade cigar, i use to grab a five pack of these at the gas station to take camping and LOVED to sit around the fire smoking them. Now, I would gag on them!
  7. My money says these will turn out to be really good in about 6 months and only get better from there.
  8. I say "welcome". With the amount of training that goes into what these heroes do everyday, any weaknesses in a male or female soldier that may compromise the unit will become evident long before battle. There are many women who are unfit for such positions just as there are many men who are unfit for such positions. I can assure you that, were I a terrorist, I would much prefer to meet "me" on the battlefield than my marathon running, pilates, yoga, yogalates, firearms expert wife!
  9. i keep an inventory of between 5-8 boxes. I smoke about 3-5 cigars/week and probably replace that every year so I'm guessing I buy about 10 boxes a year which probably averages out to about $200/month. That works pretty good for me.
  10. I think the best CARS for the buck on the market today are Subarus. He should get over the hatchback thing and get an Outback. They are badass. If not, they have some non-hatchback models too that will last forever.
  11. I just voted for Montecristo. I think its easy to pile on here b/c the #2 and #4 have a long standing reputation for inconsistency but i find the whole lineup with the exception of the Especiales to be all over the place. The Edmundo and Petit Edmundo are the worst i think.
  12. A VERY slow day around my house...just like I like it! Woke up around 7 to Belgian waffles. Then went to the early service at our church. The rest of the day was spent lounging around on the couch, playing with the kids, and watching Rory NOT choke at the US Open. It was too hot to go outside! I enjoyed an 07 Siglo IV after the sun went down. Having lost my father over a decade ago, this day is always very reflective for me. I love the way a good cigar and some time alone with your thoughts can transport the ones you have loved and lost back into your presence.
  13. I voted it disappointing. It's a cigar that I REALLY wanted to like as I love Bolivar and love Churchills but all that I have had (admittedly only 1 box + a dozen or so singles) have been light and bland.
  14. Small world! I have seen his operation and it is quite impressive and his pork is second to none! I am under the impression that he does supplement with a fair amount of corn but I could be wrong or things may have changed.
  15. I did the survey but this is something that is more complex for me...or maybe more simple...not sure. I just try to keep my humidor fairly full. It holds around 10 boxes. When i empty one, I buy another. I only smoke around 3 cigars a week so this is considered "excess" to me but some would consider this a tiny collection. I have most of my usual faves in there all of the time with a the occasional splurge box or singles that i wanted to try. I don't really consider myself a collector though...I just like to have a small variety of fairly aged stock on hand so i can smoke what i want, when i want.
  16. My top 5 recs in order. 1.) A 25ct of Cohiba Genios. $$$$$ 2.) A 25ct of Cohiba Siglo V $$$ 3.) A 25ct of Sir Winnies $$$$ 4.) A 25ct of Lusitanias $$$$ 5.) A 25ct of 898V $$$
  17. 2009 Conundrum White wine Blend Rutherford, CA $15.99 at a local shop Over the years, I have heard a great deal of hype about this one but never tried it until now. The story that I hear is that it is run by the same family that make the venerable Caymus. It used to be an actual part of the Caymus lineup but has since separated for one reason or another. Still run by the family but at a different site and maybe no longer directly associated with it. the general thought that I have heard on this is that it used to be much better "back then". I cannot say as this is my first tasting. Upon opening the bottle, the only thing that I know is that it is a idea of what grapes to expect. I was immediately intrigued. Its one of those wines that REALLY make you think. Its very unique. I wasn't sure about it at first but it really began to reveal itself and I fell in love. If i had to describe it in one word it would be "Rich". Decadent white flowers and honeysuckle. Creamy. I thought to myself along the way that it had to have a little Semillon in it. Not sure how much but after some research, it does. Below is an excerpt from their website about the blend: "After experimenting with 11 different white wine grapes, we chose the three that we considered the key ingredients, the aromas and flavors that form the foundation of the wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and--for its intriguing floral/tropical character--Muscat Canelli. Then, from our "spice cabinet," we added small amounts of Sémillon and Viognier. Already, we were working with flavors and textures that formed a new and unprecedented combination--a conundrum, or puzzle to be teased out by the taster." I highly recommend it!
  18. My short answer is "never". I have never seen any in my personal collection. I have seen them in local NC B&M shops and I received some Monte 4's around 2005 (before i found this place!) that had several holes in them. I don't freeze anything but do "quarantine" all new shipments for several months. I also don't do temp control. My humidor is in the coolest place of my house and stays 67-69F during the winter months and 69-71F during the summer months.
  19. 1.) I've never seen a female rugby certain are you that you were even at a rugby match? 2.) I'm fairly certain that sex is one of the most important facets of biology. 10yrs old is the perfect age to ease them into their never-ending education on the topic. Tell the wife you just felt more comfortable with the Family Guy explaining the finer points of sex to your child than his father. I think she'll agree!!! 3.) Blame your forgetting the kid on that rag-tag crew you have working for you. It's impossible to find good help these days and you are virtually left to running a multi-national corporation by yourself. The stress is taking it's toll!

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