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  1. In the states, they have copies for sale at just about any cigar store/lounge. May be worth a try if you have shops in your area??? If not, I know that I or someone on the board from the state may be able to send you a copy.
  2. The new place looks great but Lisa looks fantastic!!! Take care Lisa! We'll miss you but take all the time you need!!! Rob will need to add a nursery to the new place so you can bring the little one in with you! Nevermind...too many negative influences!
  3. Blantons Evan Williams Single Barrel (best value by far) Pappy Van Winkle (like picking your favorite child but I think the 20yr family reserve is my favorite) Knob Creek Bookers
  4. The "twang" for me is something that isn't easy to put your finger on. Something the french in their incomparable eloquence refer to as " je nais se quoi."
  5. Just sticking with stuff that you should be able to find at any neighborhood package store, which is where most of my experience is: 1.) Lagavulin 16 2.) Talisker 18 3.) Talisker 10 4.) Caol Ila 12 5.) Oban 14
  6. The Genios is among my favorite current production. If they weren't so expensive, I would smoke them all the time. At their price point, I don't buy them at all anymore. I just can't justify spending $20 on a cigar. If they were 300USD/box, I would go through them like candy corn.
  7. a REALLY good HDM DC. OIK JUN 03. Highland Park 18 to wash it down. Good night at my house!
  8. I have smoked my last Tampa and last Czar both in the past week or so. All amazing cigars. It seemed that the Tampas were better when they were fresh and the Czars were much better with some time on them.
  9. A Dec 08 898V and Highland Park 18. Fantastic! 898's just get amazing with some time!
  10. I was in NYC a couple of years ago and tried a pretty decent one that was made in upstate NY called Hudson Bourbon or something like that. I don't recall much other than thinking that it was pretty good. Would like to try it again but never see on the shelves here in SC and haven't thought about it since.
  11. The 09 German regional Bolivar lancero and Highland Park 18. These cigars are getting REALLY good!
  12. Quit my job in sales after 10 years to go back to school. I'm now about 1 month into my first year of law school at 32 with 2 young kids. Hopefully, I was able to stock up on enough good booze and cigars to get me through it.
  13. Smoking my last Custom "Czar" from the first release (not sure if there have been subsequent releases). This cigar has gotten GREAT! I was enamored by the "Tampa" at first but with a little time these are definitely my favorites. REALLY REALLY good. Kudos to the blender/roller!
  14. I used to have quite a collection but have downsized seriously in the last few years. I used to hunt a lot but have pretty much given that up and just shoot now. I completely lost the urge to kill stuff a few years ago. I enjoy Sporting Clays and ***** as well as shooting handguns. My collection now consist mostly of heirloom stuff plus a few others.
  15. As for blends, I prefer JW Black and Famous Grouse. Try to mix with water and ice rather than Ginger ale if you're trying to ease your way into them and decrease the amount of water as you go. I think most blends should be enjoyed just on a little ice and maybe a splash of water. When you decide to ease into Single malts, I always recommend Oban 14 as others have said. Its great for beginners b/c it's fairly neutral yet it is still one of my favorites and always will be. Caol Ila 12 is a milder Islay if you want a kind introduction to the peat smoke of the Islands. Man...this is making my mouth water...
  16. I'm in a bit of a lull right now for the first time since i started smoking regularly in about 2006. I have just started law school at 32yrs old with a wife and two very young children so I just haven't had the time, funds, or energy for the past month or so. Consequently, I haven't been around the forum much either! Hopefully, things will level out soon and I can get back into it.
  17. Great read! My children are lucky enough to have all of their goodies stored in gorgeous cigar boxes. All of my wife's friends fight over my cigar boxes for their children too. It's a great feeling to see this tradition carried on in my home and in my friends homes as it is certainly a rarity...i just have to remember to remove the little nails and the pictures of the little girl on the ventilator before I hand them over!
  18. I have a good friend who did a great deal of research on this very topic for this same reason only a few short weeks ago. He smoked 2 or 3 cigars on a Saturday night and his insurance agent told him on Monday morning that he had to get a blood and urine analysis that very Thursday. My friend refuses to be lumped into the same category as someone who inhales 2 packs of cigarettes per day. It really pisses him off because the insurance companies view someone who smokes the occasional cigar as a dreaded "SMOKER". SO my buddy researches and sees that nicotine only last for a day or two max (usually only a few hours) but the metabolites that break down and process the nicotine are present much longer. My buddy doesn't have any more cigars until the blood test, drinks A LOT of water and fruit juices and his blood and urine come back so clean that he gets a discount from what he was previously quoted because he is now in a "Preferred Rate" classification. A true physical specimen whose body is perhaps the purest that this world has ever known due in no small part to his lifetime of good, clean living. The end.
  19. Pray. Then booze alone for a few hours with some good music. Then sleep.
  20. I went with Petit Corona and Churchill. They are the two sizes that I smoke the most. The PC when I just want a pretty quick smoke and the Churchill when I want to sit a while. Both back to back happens pretty often though!
  21. "Best cigar accessory I've purchased this summer" I'm assuming that, for some reason, you aren't counting the "twins" as a cigar accessory???
  22. Not a Glenfiddich fan. I would probably pay 26,000 Iraqui Dinar for it though. Not a penny more.

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