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  1. I agree with most of what is said above. It would more proper to say that after 18 years or so, the cost often takes you past the point of diminishing return. But its brand specific. I prefer a Talisker 10 or 18 over a 25. Similarly, I like Highland Park 12 better than 18. Then others, I like the older whisky MUCH more than their younger counterparts but just not enough to pay for them often (McCallan, Glenlivet). In general, I find myself staying away from much over 16 b/c it's just not worth the money to me...even if they may be slightly "better" whiskies. There is also a MUCH bigger selection at most stores in the 10-16yr range and many unbelievable options in that range for 50-80USD.
  2. They are fantastic. Bought two boxes shortly after they came out but they are now gone. Prices on them now are a bit prohibitive for me with the current exchange rate and the increase they have seen over the last two years. If you don't mind spending the money, grab as many as you can. They can be had from German LCDH's. PM me if you would like more details.
  3. If you love what you do and are a positive person that people want to do business with, you will do well. That recipe, plus good location; good timing; good marketing; good team (LAWYER, ACCT, MGR) will do wonderfully. Your staff will mirror you...good or bad, it's up to you.
  4. A perfect crisp Spring or Fall morning. A walk to early church service with the wife and kids. Walk back home and have champagne, bagels, and lox on the back deck. We all crash for a movie and a nap. Sounds simple enough but it never happens. Always too rushed.
  5. I enjoy Highland Park. For me, Its the best 10-12yo FOR THE MONEY. I can get the 12 for just over $30USD here and nothing else in that range comes close. For anything better, you have to go $55 or $60. I prefer Islay but nothing for me in that price range. The HP12 is always consistent. A bit of sherry/orange peel/caramel apple. No peat to speak of. The 18 is just fine too but others I prefer in that price range.
  6. You are a savant. i use that word only because there is no other word ever created that would do you justice. Also, I think you may be my long-lost brother.
  7. 2010 Far Niente Chardonnay Napa Valley, California 100% Chardonnay $44.97 USD Gorgeous. Silky. Oily. Very little nose but the oil just coats and slams you with complex lemon and white truffle oil. Too damn good. Worth every penny. Enjoying right now on 5/19 with 08 Siglo III.
  8. 2010 Cakebread Chardonnay Napa Valley, California 100% Chardonnay $37.99 USD My first bottle of Cakebread Chard from the '10 release. If you read review from last year, you know I'm in love with this one. For me, this year let me down a bit. I think 2009 was a banner year for California Chards. The 09 Cakebread was ripe and robust with loads of apple and pear. The 2010 is much less fruity and the fruit that exists is more lemon/citrus. Still good. Drinks way too easy and lacks the depth of prior years. Enjoyed with an 898V on May 17.
  9. Currently, It's in the heart of the tourist district (Meeting st. near Market). Lots of big money tenants. Hotels, Restaurants, retail that caters to tourists, well-heeled law firms, etc. For them to survive and still maintain the "Downtown Charleston" tag, they will likely try to head up King St. above Calhoun St. It's an area that was blighted but has seen a great deal of rejuvenation in recent years largely b/c rent below Calhoun squeezes most small businesses out.
  10. Sadly, the identity of this particular city has drastically changed over the years and the rent that this building and others in the area are capable of commanding would easily squeeze out a business like this one. I would imagine that the landlord has a tenant on the hook already for MUCH more than the current tenant would or could ever dream of paying.
  11. This is an interesting on article from my local paper on one of my favorite little bars. It's the only bar in Charleston, SC where you can have a cigar and drink liquor. It was grandfathered in under the new no-smoking ordinance a few years ago but is now in danger of closing down b/c their lease is not being renewed. The provisions of the ordinance allow it to exist so long as it doesn't expand or move locations. They are going to have to move now and are lobbying council for approval to extend the grandfather clause to their new location. I fear they will have very little luck with that! It certainly has allowed them to operate as a monopoly. Sadly, the assholes who make the decisions created that monopoly by prohibiting others like it to operate! It's a charming little place and the city is a better place b/c it exists. Not to mention that it would destroy a dozen or so jobs.
  12. Thanks for the review! I've seen it on the shelves but am too narrow-minded with my Islays to have picked up a bottle yet. You've got me sold!
  13. I think it all depends on what kind of shape he's in. I know he released the news last week that he was medically cleared to play but that doesn't mean much. I would be medically cleared to play...that doesn't mean that I am capable of being a top QB. IF he is back to old form OR if he looks like he will be back to old form, the Colts would be foolish to get rid of him OR draft Luck. In that case, I would keep Manning and get as much as I could from one of the qb-desparate teams for that first round pick. Then, Draft the next best available QB and shore up your OL and secondary with the rest of the draft. IF he is not looking like he will return to his old form, draft luck, release Manning, and let the chips fall where they may....this is the worst case scenario for the Colts. There is no guarantee with Luck. The chances of him being anywhere near the qb that manning has been for them are 1/1,000. They are going to have to revamp their entire philosophy without Manning and should go ahead and start that even if they do keep Manning.
  14. I've been a member of this great forum for a while now and bought many (by my definition) boxes of cigars but just bought my first PSP box a few weeks ago. This is because i'm notoriously frugal. Smoking my first of the box, an 898v from March '10. All I can say is that our host is an expert of the highest order. Mind blowing!
  15. My wife and I have a game we play called High/Low. If we take a trip for a week, at the end, we sit back and recall our one "high" and our one "low". Occasionally, even at the end of a day, we will recall our "High" and our "Low". We always play it on New Years Eve for the preceding year. I am a lucky man this year. I had a hard time picking between many "Highs" and a hard time finding a single definitive "Low". There have been years in the past where the opposite was true so it all comes out in the wash i guess. My "High" for 2011 was the birth of my son. My low, although so trivial in comparison was that we are significantly worse off financially than we were this time a year ago. The "Low" results from decisions that we made ourselves in hopes that they will pay future dividends so its really not all that bad I guess. I'd love to hear yours!
  16. Thanks for the review Nino! I have had my eyes on these since they were first announced and hate to hear that they are falling short. I would love to hear any updates when you get a chance to try another stick or two. Hopefully it was just a bad stick! Cheers!
  17. Love your enthusiasm! As Colt said, you'll fit in great once you have taken some time to read the forums and settle into the atmosphere. I don't drink many cocktails. I do enjoy the occasional Gin and Tonic (warmer months) and Martini (cooler months). Beefeater is a staple for me in both although i do enjoy most others as well. Most of my drinking is neat whisky and wine. I don't like sweet drinks so most cocktails turn me off. As far as ales go, I do enjoy a good bit of beer. I will agree that the lion's share of american beer is not the most palatable. Your massed produced Lager-style (Bud, Coors, Miller, etc.) are not and were never designed to be gourmet. They are what they are. I enjoy them ice cold on hot day. With that out of the way..."American Beer" is a brush a bit too broad these days. Like it or not, the craft beer explosion in the US over the last 5-10 years has resulted in many of the best beers in the world being made here. I drink many european ales along with many made in america. there are many duds being produced in the states but with the sheer volume there are bound to be. There are also many that will go head-to-head with Europe's best and beat them every time. Not to beat the drum too loudly but Europeans who have long turned up their noses at American beer should take note if they aren't already.
  18. Great News! So happy for you guys! Will smoke something special tonight in honor of the new arrival! Merry Christmas!!!
  19. Great read and thanks for sharing, Ken! I mostly agree re the red wine pairing. I don't think it brings out the best in the cigar or the wine but I typically enjoy what they become together. I am also a huge fan of most Champagnes. Most of my experience is with the fizz that is most commonly found in bulk here in the states and mostly NV's at that. I haven't had a bad pairing but, as I have stated before, LOVE Ruinart Rose with just about any Bolivar/Upmann/Cohiba/Partagas (the majority of my smoking). Never had a bad rum pairing but don't do it often enough for unknown reasons. However, my favorite pairing of all is with a good Islay Whisky. Caol Ila and Lagavulin are tops for me. Talisker and Oban also work great for me. Like others on the board, I really enjoy Gin as well. Usually Gin and soda on ice in the warm months and a martini in the cooler months. It is one of those refreshing/cleansing pairings.
  20. I have been meaning to post on this stuff for a week now! I bought two bottles from local package store last week when they got it in. I am in love. It is amazing blend of smoky and sweet. It definitely gives a nod to Lagavulin but still has some of that west highland toffee. I am really hoping they keep it around for a while although my understanding is that is gone once current stock runs out. My package store has about 10-15 more bottles. I wish i could buy them all but now is not the time. I have had a variety of cigars with it so far and of course, all work great for me. So far, I like it best neat. I prefer Black with a few cubes but the Double is just right as is. Thanks for the post!
  21. I try to keep at least a box around at all times. I smoke them pretty regularly and find them to be remarkably consistent and well constructed. Probably the most rich of the Upmann's to me.

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