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  1. I have had zero problems, I smoke few Padrons. 😂
  2. I reach for non cubans the majority of the time. I have a good supply of cubans but the price has made it easy to not continue down that path.
  3. Reason 14, I am glad I quit smoking Cuban Cigars exclusively.
  4. Sounds like a great event, Edmunds Oast has some great NEIPA beers. I would not draw any conclusions to one cigar. I used to love Bolivar BBF and had a few stinkers along the way. Lol They don’t have the omph I look for these days. So many choices. :)
  5. I have been enjoying these lines quite a bit as of late. Illusione Fume D’amour Daughters of the Wind by Bespoke Cigars Highclere Castle Victorian The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 HVC Serie A Perlas Flor del Valle Seleccion de Valle by Warped Cigars
  6. The Haut 10 is on the list and now the HL, lol. Thanks! I am switching back and forth between Illusione and the Foundation lines. I have not had a bad Foundation cigar but I will not smoke anything with CT Shade, broadleaf is a different matter.
  7. I am about eight years late to the Illusione party, I was going thru a strictly Cuban phase for a good eight years. So, I am experiencing the older releases now!
  8. Illusione Fume D’Amour. I would recommend these for anyone looking to try a less pepper laced Nicaraguan Cigar. It has a little age and is smoking phenomenal. No Ligero as I understand but still Medium in power
  9. I didn’t catch that, so sorry. Must have been a really bad cigar if the Perfect Draw can’t save the day. I have smoked a fair number of Tatuaje cigars over the years and construction has never been an issue. Except an uneven burn here and there.
  10. Problem with the draw you say? 1. Get a Perfect Draw gizmo. Pays for itself quickly. 2. Maybe it was a cuban cigar is disguise. Lol

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