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  1. So cigars are the new fortune cookie?
  2. Mine works well down to about 50°F. Thinking about getting a 2nd unit for 40°F days. Added some 5% roller blinds to the deck this year to provide some additional wind break too.
  3. I have the single stack. Have been debating about the twin, but I already go through propane super fast on a single. EDIT: Oh yeah, a standard milk crate fits a standard bottle really well. Makes the tank/heater much more stable. Just in case anyone else is using.
  4. I tend to drift in and out of cigar forums (as evidenced by my year and half break here), but I do love even the passing interactions of trades, bombs, splits, and passes. The only "hands-off" drawer in my humidor holds all the cigars I've received from others. The cigar I'm reviewing today is from the very first bomb I ever received that included a CC. Technically, it is also the very first CC I've ever owned. I don't know the box code or it's age, just the date I received it (11/21/13). At the time it was a unicorn to me (like pretty much all CC), so I hid it away to savor the anticipation. Since then I've smoked several CC, but still never a Trinidad Fundadores. While I know these are old hat to many, it is something that I've been holding on to for far too long. Feels a bit tight near the foot, so let the cigar sit on my counter for a few hours since I never dry box (too much planning). Most of it feels mildly springy, so fingers crossed. The humidity was ~63RH when pulled from the humidor. According to WU it is 60°F and 28% outside as I get ready to light this up. Scissor cut just above the cap lines. Prelight, it smells VERY mild. Hint of cinnamon, but it’s so light it may just be my imagination. I’m starting to worry I may have hoarded it too long. Cold draw flavor is similarly mild. Just a hint of green tea. Upon first light, it’s missing the “wow puff”. When I take that first puff on a cigar after slowly toasting the foot, I usually experience a fantastic mix of flavors. It’s one of my favorite parts of smoking a cigar. Even crappy cigars tend to have a “wow puff” for me. The fact that it’s missing here is not a good sign. First Third Starting out, the draw is perfect. My concern about it being plugged is happily unfounded. Surprising amount of smoke. Definitely heavy compared to most of the cigars in my rotation. Very mild start, aroma mild as well. Dominant flavor of shortbread biscuit and woody, but have to really fight to find it. A bit of a musty burnt grass pops in and out. Flavors are almost non-existent and I find myself retrohaling on every puff to find them. Occasional sweetness on retro, but I’m definitely worried it is too old and lost it’s flavor. Middle Third Strength of flavor picking up, mostly of toasted tobacco. Shortbread flavor gone. Noticing a heavier amount of oils coating the throat than I get with most of the cigars I smoke. Maybe from all the retrohaling. Started to tunnel a bit at the dense spot requiring a touch up. Other than that, burn has been pretty even. Sweet cedar sneaking in some nice flavor. Still, super mild and I feel like I’m working to find flavors. Final Third Sweet cedar picking up, tinge of cinnamon on retro comes and goes. Sweet cedar is dominant, and while nice, it is still way too mild. Bit of a musky sweetness creeps in and develops into a creamy sweetness. Hands down the strongest and best flavor so far. Really is a great flavor. Unfortunately I’m at the end of the cigar. 3 out of 5 -- Smokeable, but disappointing Smoking time was a little over an hour and a half. Construction wise, the mild tunneling between the first and second third was the only issue and corrected easily. The rest of the time it burned very well. No cracking or bursting. Overall, I’m really kicking myself for sitting on this so long. That final “goodbye” flavor was fantastic. If there had been more of that and more pronounced flavors earlier on I’m sure this would have been a great cigar. The flashes of what it probably was 5 years ago makes me really regret having hoarded this. I’ll have to pick up some fresher examples to try again. I didn’t nub, but it was pleasant enough to take to the band.
  5. lol I've never had any of the upper market Cohibas, so I'm hesitant to spend that kind of money on a box. I did buy a box of HQ CoRo and Sig IV a couple years ago from our host that I plan to crack next summer when they hit 5 years, but they were considerably cheaper than the current prices. I have a Sig VI single from my very first purchase from our host that I keep forgetting about. Still, the only Cohiba I've ever smoked is the Sig II. Wow. I'm just realizing that I probably shouldn't get a vote until I try more. Guess I'll start watching for some 24:24 non-Cohibas in my wheelhouse that also offer 5/6 packs of Cohibas!
  6. I've always preferred smoking 2 or 3 smaller vitolas in a session than one larger 2 hour smoke, so the Sig II is definitely my preferred Cohiba. I am deeper on the them than any other brand PC/minutos, but don't smoke them nearly as often as PLPC, BPC, ElP, etc. Basically I'm cheap, so the Sig II fits my occasional splurge.
  7. I usually squish the boveda packs inbetween the foam and the sides of the case. Takes up less room and seems more evenly distributing.
  8. Just slightly smaller, but cheaper and pre-built... I got mine from cbid for ~$20 several years ago. Just checked and they actually have a few units up...
  9. So I guess I would consider myself a light smoker at ~1 cigar a day.
  10. Por Larranaga 5ta Avenida last October. Super raw straight from the vendor's humidor, shouldn't have bothered. Only bought 5 and will not be touching the other 4 for 3+ years.
  11. With those kinds of taxes, you'd think they could afford to pay my health care. /runs away
  12. Wiping it off only removes the mold you can see. It is still there and can continue to grow. Alcohol helps kill it. The alcohol evaporates very quickly. Using a towel moistened with rum does not "wet" the cigar significantly, and I have noticed zero flavor or smoking side effects. Cask strength or higher recommended to kill mold as well as evaporate quicker. Similar to common usage of a 1:1 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water to kill mold, but food grade/safe.
  13. I just did this after receiving a box of Picadores. About half a dozen cigars with large amounts of mold clumps (not "dusty" mold). About half a dozen more with small clumps around the head/shoulders. Removed each cigar and wiped down almost all of them. Wiped down both sides of the cedar insert, the spacer insert, the bottom of the flap, and all insides of the dress box. Used a bottle of 62.5% rum. Have done this many times and only rarely had mold break out again. Also, placed a refrigerator O3 generator on top of the box in the humidor. I usually use a couple of these for a few weeks during the winter winter when I am less likely to open the humidor due to weather. If you leave the mold, it will just spread. At least to the other cigars in the box and the foot. Good storage conditions, IMO, include not only environmental controls but mold prevention and response. I also do an annual inventory/tetris game and open every box. Granted, this is more of an excuse to admire my stock, but I call it "maintenance".
  14. As long as it's not reached the foot, I wipe down with cask strength rum (~125pf+). Also wipe down any neighboring cigars and the box/drawer that the cigar was in.
  15. I like box press. Much easier to set down and not worry about rolling off a rock or a fence or a tailgate. I rarely notice a box press when puffing. I use to mouth cigarettes when I smoked, and when I picked up cigars several years later I told myself that was one of the quirks I wouldn't replicate with cigars. Usually the press is far enough down the shoulder it's not noticeable to me with out holding between my teeth.
  16. I have a bunch of cutters and lighters and pokers and other junk in a smoking box at home. The only cutter I ever use is my Xikar scissors. Though when I travel I always bring one of my Xikar guillotines. My guests always just use whatever is in the box, but none ever reach for the scissors. Not sure why, I find them to give the best cut and let you trim if needed. And yes, half a dozen are crap. But I do have 4 or 5 Xikar I like.
  17. Looks like the new version no longer has a spot for a rook shaped cigar rest? Also, love those tubos!
  18. I've got a 5 and a 40 cigar caddy but have been wanting either a PJ or PC to replace the 5. I'm a cheap bastard though and have trouble justifying.
  19. I've been using mine for about 3 years now, and they've been great. Long term storage of data and access is free. You can see stuff like the seasonal temperature affects on my humidor over 3 years or the affect rearranging boxes on December 1st had on my RH. Dips in RH on the short graph are me opening her up. I've set mine to trigger a push notification to my phone for temp and RH outside of my preferred norms. Could do a lot more with it, but haven't found the need for any IFTT setup. More just for awareness than anything else. You can also see the triangles of empty data where I forgot to replace batteries. lol
  20. I don't have experience with Aristocrats specifically, but in general I've found that box placement and airflow seem to go a long way in tall humidors. I typically see ~1-2% difference in RH and ~.5° in temp in my tower. Prior to adding an additional 4 fans on 2 different shelves to pull air up, I was seeing ~5%+ difference in RH and ~2-3°+ in temperature.

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