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  1. Sitting here sipping on a little neat Santiago 11 and smoking a nice RASS
  2. I freeze everything regardless of source Including cigars that I purchase from friends or trades Not intended to offend, but too much invested to let them buggers in my stash
  3. Down to 208 from 233..... Definitely thrilled with the much needed results
  4. 2 more great trips in the apartments of Yily and Carlos Tremendous hosts All 3 of their apartments are within easy walking distance to either the Habana Libre or Hotel Nacional
  5. Great trip this time with both Arturo and Jorge Either of them is a great option If going out to Pindar del Rio I’d recommend Jorge If hitting cigar shops or touring the history of Havana I’d recommend Arturo Arturo contact info : [email protected] Just my $.02. Either of them can be trusted to provide you a great service
  6. Amazing day trip from Havana if you get the chance Well worth the ride
  7. At 3 cigars a day that’s like 6 lifetimes Awesome
  8. Pretty much everywhere Only 2 cabs I saw of them Didn’t see any Punch DC cabs
  9. Went a little overboard on this last trip Also picked up these but they stayed in Havana for now
  10. I was with him on Friday He's fine, just appears to be very busy
  11. My $.02 Never, ever, never wipe down a humidor to get it seasoned Too much water for the wood too fast
  12. The whole area around Bourbon street smells of piss If we ever go back we will stay far from that area
  13. Nice job picking up the Sig VI Haven’t seen many of those available in the Havana area
  14. Thank you kind sir I’ve been in contact with him a couple of times about 2 bundles but couldn’t get him to tell me prices

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