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  1. Again... In the NC world. Me personally, I care what is in and on my cigar. Just me
  2. Lol My first cigar was a CE in 92 been smoking Cubans and chasing that flavor profile ever since. I remember walking into a cigar shop and the room note was so much different than what i was used to. I knew right away that NC's werent for me. Different smell/Taste.
  3. I agree. Especially on blend integrity. The great thing about your list is that everything mentioned is natural. I can guarantee you one thing i wont be washing my hands/lips off after smoking a Cuban though
  4. You mean the NC world. I know where my tobacco comes from. Cuba
  5. I should have been a bit more thorough in my post. I dont mean all NC companies. The reason i started this thread is because of the accusations of Padron using a mexican wrapper. Obviously its just an accusation. If true it's a bit shocking to me as Padron is well respected. How credible is the website? I couldnt answer that. Cigar Aficionado and the rest of the well respected sites list Padron as a puro
  6. Lately there have been threads posted about NC's. One well known cigar manufacture says one thing, another supposed expert says something different. A quote here, a quote there. People claim that they their fingers and lips get stained while smoking certain kinds of them. What wrapper/binder/filler are you getting? So whats really in them and can the NC companies be trusted? Your thoughts.
  7. No. I get it. This is insane and weird But why lie and put your reputation on the line?
  8. Yes i saw that. This is just weird. I mean i have had a few padrons in my day and they are not a bad smoke. So the question is who do i believe? Cigar Aficionado lists them as puros. So do lots of others that are reputable. It seems as the "not as well known" websites say they do use the mexican wrapper. Again... Looks like the NC world if full of deceit
  9. This is from the Cigar Dojo link listed 1964 Anniversary Series Presidente Maduro Breakdown Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun-Grown (4-year-aged) Binder: Nicaraguan Sun-Grown (4-year-aged) Filler: Nicaraguan Sun-Grown (4-year-aged) Factory: Tabacos Cubanica S.A. (Nicaragua) Production: Regular Production Vitola: 6″ × 50 “Presidente” (Toro) Price: $15.50 (MSRP) Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 Natural Breakdown Wrapper: Nicaragua Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Factory: Tabacos Cubanica S.A. (Nicaragua) Production: Regular Production Vitola: 5½” × 52 “No. 90” Robusto Extra (non-box-pressed) Price: $19.50 (MSRP)
  10. ??? Youre right. That is true, more of a blanket statement about the NC manufactures .Here is the major difference. @Cigar Surgeon makes a direct accusation about Padron using mexican wrapper and claiming its not a puro. Big difference
  11. One thing we are learning here is that is seems that the NC world has lots of secrets Back it up then Its not me that made the claim. So goalposts dont apply, at least not to me. You mean like Jorge Padron making claims of mineral oil on wrappers? You are making the claim the CA is wrong about Padron being a puro. Something is way off here.
  12. "Sure, Gary wrote in his blog article that he's citing Jorge, so we're taking that at face value as I said" Im sure Jorge Padron has had his fair share of these conversations for multiple decades. Here is another quote from you above. So what is the difference about your claims of "mexican wrappers on Padron cigars" and Jorge Padrons claims about mineral oil on cigars? They should both be taken at face value then right? Is Jorge lying? Are you being lied to? Thats why truth is important here. All im saying is when it suits you to make a point you claim this knowledge and experience and when Jorge makes a claim it "should be taken at face value" Convenient 😀
  13. Truth is never measured, its just truth. An old quote from Georges Braque."Truth exists; only lies are invented". As for finding the truth, we would have to have a third party/lab test the the cigar to really know. This "i heard it on the internet so it must be true stuff" amazes me.
  14. Obviously everything written isnt fact, we both know that. It is my opinion that CA could be biased based on the amount of advertising a certain cigar company spends per year. So a little playing the politics per say. Hypothetically speaking lets say Olivia spends 100k a year they may get a 2 point increase in a rating for the year on a certain cigar they make. Everybody wins, CA gets another good advertising contract the next year and Olivia moves more volume based on CA's rating. This is just business. Again just an opinion based on common business sense. It would be nice to get a third party who has no skin in the game to research this and test the cigar DNA ect. We had testing done with the Plume/mold thread. I will admit that just because Jorge Padron made a claim in that thread i posted about mineral oil on wrappers doesnt mean its true. I have made general blanket statements about the NC industry myself, raisin juice wrappers, cigars tasting like chemicals ect. My point here is that just because you, I or Jorge Padron make a claim doesnt make it fact. I want the truth. My confidence is so high that liga privada uses flavor enhancers, coloring and unnatural additives that i would be willing to bet 5k USD on it. Especially after finding out they make ACID cigars.
  15. They didnt but they are pure speculation/hearsay and not facts "Boy oh boy, some strong opinions in this thread without ever having stepped inside a factory in Nicaragua" In quotations above are your words from another thread posted. So here is my question. Is it a fact or a rumor/opinion that padron using a mexican wrapper and not a true puro? If this is true, you are claiming that one of the most respected NC cigar companies in the world is lying and saying they are selling puros. "Boy oh boy, some strong opinions in this thread"🤣 Jorge and the Padron/cigar company claim that they sell puros . You are making a claim that Padron is lying. Can you back your claim up with actual evidence/facts?
  16. Great art. You can see how Picasso inspired him
  17. Looks like a really nice cutter. And its made in Italy!!!
  18. I dont think the cigar cares much. If its the cigar that is being demonized why do people allow it to affect them? I can understand how it would be bad for business for drew estate though. You learn something new every day. I had no idea. Thanks Bijan! I agree here and misunderstood one of your posts.
  19. Cool. Reason i dont like liga privada is because it has a chemical taste
  20. Actually i can just not like it and dont have to justify it. But i will in this case for your benefit. I dont like liga privada cigars because they taste like chemicals. I love Partagas 898 because they taste very, very good. Sweet cream, sourdough, paprika and a tad bit of pepper. Its like eating a five star meal that is perfectly seasoned with natural ingredients.

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