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  1. R&J Short Churchill May 07, dry boxed for two days after three years at 62%/19c. Perfect, with a bit of orange peel at exhalation.
  2. Sunday: Partagas Corona May 06.. after lunch PSD4 AGO 06.. at bonfire after dinner Monday: Trinidad Reyes AGO 07.. after lunch Padron 1926 #9 Maduro... while watching game
  3. F1 fan here, just found this thread....all I can say is it's a much more exciting season than the last couple, and I'm pleased that the pecking order has changed. Here's to Button doing well!
  4. The seller gets high marks for honesty...many men wouldn't admit that's their reason for selling!
  5. Rob, Welcome home, mate! Thanks for the story & photos! Bob
  6. Jerome, Well-said... anyone who's dreamed of trying should at least go for the intro ride. Most flight schools have a $59 intro, usually at least 90 mins, and you get to handle the controls right away! It is an experience like no other, and I fell more people should at least try it. It's not cheap to learn, but I was amazed at how many of my friends (especially those with real resources) would say "isn't that expensive"? These are the same guys who add the $2000 heated rear seats to their Yukons, and have a family room, rec room, living room, and media room in their homes. Now that I've got my ticket punched, the cost drops to $100/hr for a 172, wet & insured. Plus, my FBO has a pre-pay deal, for every $1000 pay up front (check or cash), you get an extra $100 added to acc't. So, good luck, enjoy the process, don't be in too big a rush to get certificated, and let me know how it's progressing for you! Bob
  7. Thanks, #2 man... I live in Bayside, northern suburb of Milwaukee! Did my training at Timmerman field right in Milw cty. I've done business in Sheboygan for years, and my uncle was a physician in Oconomowoc.. spent summers there on Lac la Belle!
  8. Hi Jerome, I did training in a 172, since I'm 6'4" (didn't fit well w/headset on in 152). I started in Jan 2008, soloed in April, had to take time off in summer '08 due to illness & death of my mother, and then ran smack-dab into midwest winter weather (had to re-schedule checkride twice due to weather!). So, was basically ready in early Dec 2008, took until now, which was fine... I kept racking up hours & lessons... had about 27 hours solo time, 11 x-c, the rest field work. As far as IFR, yes, in the plans, but need to get about 39 more x-c hours in before I can start that training! (and, work it out with my wife, lol) Good luck, keep me posted.. Bob
  9. Thanks, Rob... next time you visit Chicago area, we can pop up to Northern Wisconsin & do some fishing! My father-in-law is up near the Canadian border... 7 hour drive, only 2 hours by plane! Bob
  10. Hi Jerome.... thanks! Excellent that you're starting training! It's a wonderful learning experience. What type of equipment are you training in?
  11. Hi Andre, Actually, I had the ceremonial shirttail cutting when I soloed last year..nothing but opening a renter's file at the FBO so I can keep spending money renting planes!
  12. Hi CSGrip... thanks for the response! Small world, I did mine at Timmerman, have landed at Waukesha many times. And yes, I know it's not a bargain hobby, but something I've dreamed of for a long time.
  13. Thanks for the congrats! Just visual (VFR)'s the first step. After I build some time, I'll go for my instrument rating (IFR)

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