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  1. Siglo4 Eml Jun15 Cigar feels well filled no soft spots, even through out. Aroma at cold , slight musk ( box had 4 out of 25 left) Cut type : punch Opening draw sweet grass , into 1/4 lemongrass , almost like vanilla with mild washed out cloves . Very pleasant . End of 1:4 2/4 opening , flavors are more intense Sweet cloves more present on forefront , lemongrass comes in waves , minor hints of sweet licorice , very enjoyable flavors right now feeling happy ! Ash is holding on very tight , End of 2/4 flavors of licorice , clove , cedar on the fore front while leaving a lightly toasted lemongrass after taste . 3/4 Licorice becoming more rich, toasted lemongrass , mild touch of sweet biscuits , cigar flavors are transitioning to harsh flavor , time to put down . Throughout the cigar , no touch ups . Ashed once at the half way point with a gentle tap. A very pleasant unwinding time . I find the siglo4 a very multi function cigar , great for mornings , afternoon or a night cigar . Also considering it’s price point in my opinion the best value in the siglo line up. It’s availability is good . Fantastic construction . A solid 93 out of 100 Thanks for reading and i hope you've enjoyed!
  2. I don’t have pictures of uneven bands . I have seen boxes of cigars from habanos with uneven bands. what I can say and add is the following facts. -Cuba is Cuba , their quality control is not exactly world class -had a proper box of LE’s with uneven and loose bands , -humidity can cause the cigar to be slightly skinner or thicker which can cause the bands to be loose ( I suspect this is the case ) -if you earn 20usd a month , and your just putting bands on all day , Issues with some bands being more loose is common -again humidity can cause a cigar to shrink a bit to cause the bands to be loose and uneven !
  3. for me the only peanut flavor cigar i've had was Punch Sasbrosas RE asia Custom rolled cigars from the island with years of age on em.
  4. Do you write the programs to your PLC yourself ? Or do you have a company that does that ? Also do you have the controllers built to your specs in terms of relay contacts quality gold plate, platinum , copper, etc etc. Furthermore , the controller your using sounds quite nice. I like . And yes I mean with those controller package size , there's several NC and NO contacts that can switch open and close etc. Johnson controls here has a newer version of the a419 which I believe does heat and cool. But is not small controller format . I like where your heading with the controls , any plans on adding a network modem ? Example My e2 controller has a network modem, so with the MAC address , I can log into the controller remotely to graph temps and humidity for 1month down to 5 second increments. My thoughts would be cool to have a network module so the end user / commissioner can make program changes if ever needed to ensure product integrity. Btw I'm from the US , not too fimilar with European brands but I do have experience with Danfoss from Denmark which also makes controls and PLC. Justin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. @pigfish Nice i like the controller on your older post, reminds me alot of Dixell controllers, ( but i know theres so many different brands that share a similar faceplate look ) Im Currently used to using CPC sensors, along with a CPC emerson E2 controller.when i set up Controls for customers.
  6. In my experience , you don't know what you got till you light it up . Cuban cigars are like a box of chocolates . One may taste good , next great , next 95point cigar , next blah , blah and blah and so on .
  7. You gotta use a spray bottle with hf beads. And they discolor over time maybe from oils / vapor in the cigar ? I'm not sure . But my hf beads stay clear for 1-2 years . They work well , they don't crack just discolor and has a interesting smell . I noticed keep the cooler at 65 degrees set point will extend the color of the beads. One my next order I'm going to try hcm beads, a lot more expensive . But from what I been hearing it's better . Oh and yes distilled water only .
  8. 65 set point with a 3 degree differential . Thanks to a johnsons control a419. In my next set up I'll be using a dixell controller .
  9. I smoked a siglo 4 a month ago, and a trinidad fundadores, both boxesare from EML, and i agree with others that say cohiba and trinidad are close. and to think about it, how often do we even see trinidads on 24? rare...
  10. How about wire in a johnsons control a419 temp controller . You'll be able to control temp a lot more accurate . I use that in all of my wineadors. Comp and te
  11. Got a mul 14 box And a muo 14 box , both smoke brilliant .
  12. Erdm cx has a twang to it I would say Sour, tart , twist sweet on the back end I would say . Not my cup of tea . But will revisit the cigar in 6mo

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