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  1. Took a Monte 2 with me around campus today. Got some lovely shots!
  2. EL OH EL! would be interesting to take the bands off and let people decide just how premium they really are...
  3. *clicks off thread* exclaims: One day, I too will have vintage photos to share!!
  4. 8:30 pm NY time works great for me! Not opposed to alternating though. Think its a great idea to give everyone a shot!
  5. I've been in the world of CC's now for just shy of 2 years. I would say the biggest challenge I've faced is getting to know my palate and the cigars which, for lack of a better term, please it. The day may soon come when I can stop into my local B&M to have a look at a cuban selection but right now that isn't possible. Outside of samplers, I don't feel there is a reliable way to try new singles to expand my knowledge of the different Marcas. I understand why. Singles just wouldn't make sense logistically for our host, or anyone else shipping far distances. Which means until I get to know my preferences, I'm taking a pretty big risk purchasing a box of something I've never tried before. I did just learn of the sub forum splits and that seems to be a great way to lower that risk to some degree and gain experience. I can't wait to participate in some...if they didn't go so damn fast every time! Secondly, I think its a love/hate that we all may share, is the fact that you never really know what you are gonna get. In just my limited experience, I've had one beautiful cigar out of a box that I loved and the next I wanted to toss after the first third. Starting out on NC's, you get what you get. What the cigar has to offer is there and its there in the next stick, usually. After switching to CC's, I feel like the flavor/smoking experience loves to play hide and seek and wants to be found sometimes and lost forever others. I guess that is what keeps me coming back and whats so beautiful about Cubans! Because when you find it, it is all worth it!
  6. Love my lab, Maverick. Best companion a guy could ask for
  7. Me too! I am interested to see what kind of blends can be created with access to cuban tobacco though. That being said, I don't think that will change my CC preference over other smokes!
  8. Think Seattle is going to lose in the first round of the playoffs...actually maybe a wildcard win? I take it back I have no idea
  9. 30 minutes!? Takes a touch over an hour for me just about every time. Can't wait to hear these "comments" rob is going to reveal.
  10. If by the more delicate/less rugged feel of the Cohiba or Orsay then I know exactly what you mean! Just never thought to associate that feeling with a thinner wrapper but makes sense! Thanks
  11. Prez, Might be a rookie question but I'm relatively new, how can you tell a thin wrapper from one which is thick?
  12. Moving into my apartment before fall semester starts. Campus just became 100% tobacco free..........I'm going to have to get creative or else its going to be a dark dark time

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