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  1. I've revived some old sticks my dad gave me. Just let them sit in my humidor for a year (deep and hidden), kind of forgot about them, realized it had been a year, smoked a couple. Some were still mildly flavorful, others pretty gone. All smoked ok but with loose draws. Just some input. To further echo: if you like em, smoke em.
  2. Gentlemen, (and ladies if pertinent), This is winter. Its cold. Its time to improvise and overcome. Overall though, I'm not doing bad. 7 out of 10 in my own opinion. Per the pictures, -PopUp Tent with lights, sides. -Kerosene heater -Entertainment in a PC -Xikar Light/Cut -Coffee, black -Whiskey (or whisky for you Irish fellas, always to note) -and 1 Quai D'Orsay Corona from our host Cigar is so smooth and light, perfection. Easiest retrohale I've probably ever had. Buttery, creamy, and slightly grassy at the time of this writing, first 1/3. Building slightest of strength. Downfalls, er, possible improvements: Need a nice ashtray for the deck. Prez? FOH ashtrays coming by xmas I hear? Garage Recliner, minor details but hey. How is everyone else getting along tonight?
  3. I think Jerry will get a little wild this off-season after the Skinnies win the division.... HTTR
  4. Pop up tent on the deck with the tarp sides. Fire up a kerosene heater inside, but it's still chilly
  5. Stretching a bit calling it a desktop haha To each's own... Looks nice though, mine is the more traditional style, 30 count, custom built cedar. Use it for singles not in line for long storage. Jim
  6. I'm pretty surprised how overwhelmingly popular the oversized sofa/chair is! Although it's a comfy option, there is something to be said about sitting in the barstool with a large ashtray in front of you and whiskey (or whisky for you scotch folks)... When lounging in the leather sofa, I always look down to find my shirt is becoming an ashtray haha
  7. I'm always intrigued by the varying furniture/seating cigar smokers desire. Here are the options: A: Lounge/couch/oversized chair B: Restaurant style seating (table and chairs) C: Bar seating Or if you have a "write in" option. Thanks fellas!
  8. One exception: Scramble Tournaments. There is no pressure, the beer is usually free and plentiful, your score doesn't count, so light up and enjoy!
  9. After reading this yesterday, I knew i was golfing today and brought a NC just to screw around. Notes: 1) I've smoked cigars on the course before, but not terribly often. 2) I'm a 21.3 handicap (no one makes that up...), but shoot high 80's low 90's regularly. 3) The cigar is a pain: Light it up, put it down, go long with the big stick, pick up cigar, put it down, pick it up, etc, etc. 4) The stick burned light crap because its too hard to pay constant attention. Side note: The wind from driving the cart messes with it, so then I'm dragging on it too much, its just not terribly enjoyable. 5) Probably not that interested in continuing to smoke on the course, I'll save it for hole 19. Some of you are better men than me if you can multitask golf, cigar, drive cart, wink at cart girl, repeat.
  10. I'll have to pass on the London trip, spent my plane ride money on 24-24's
  11. I've got one sitting in the humi, been there awhile. Always find something else to smoke instead. Maybe one day I'll grab a glass of filthy cheap bourbon, a Busch light, and 'indulge' in the machine rolled flavor unsaver
  12. My apologies on the Name Change issue. In other notes: Bought my old man some sweet Art Monk and Darryl Green signed pictures for xmas. Can we get a core group of stars again soon?!?!
  13. Annapolis for me. Can't wait for the weather to turn so I can get on the deck and out of the B&M. They are always eyeing up the cigar I'm smoking (more often than not, it's not purchased from them....). But I have a locker rental so they are getting my money either way.

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