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  1. It's true that a lot of people buying double banded gimmick cigars care more about posting cool now smoking pics, agree with you there But adding any extra tobacco would surely change the profile, no? More seco...not same cigar etc. Unless there is a combustible tobacco that has no flavor I've had some large format cigars that have been exceptional. Even tho I prefer Lonsdale over all else
  2. I'm not sure what you are getting at. If all this mass purposing of very specific tobacco for certain marcas at each factory is so regulated, as you describe, why then would they add a bunch of 'aimless filler tobacco'?
  3. well, spit balling i would think the sublime uses more than twice the tobacco as the corona but regardless, if one factory has x tobacco to roll with, but they arent rolling the regional, i don't think that applies. If the regional was coming from there also, then different conversation altogether, but not like theyre shipping super special tobacco out to be rolled elsewhere for regionals. Id be surprised to see a new regional with Partagas codes at this point. Has become merely a marketing scheme to charge way more for provincial factory products in shiny boxes with extra bands. Its funny. The new PL Coronas dont even have LC codes, but the hype train is fired up. Probably will be more disappointing than the RA898 regionals(imo)
  4. ive had a love hate relationship with tubos, currently on the hate side. aside from the moldy tendency on arrival in a few of the bunch, ive noticed a tangy metallic taste in some Boli tubos no1s from MUR13 and LRE09. I currently have an experiment in progress where i removed them all from their metal tubes and put them in sealed food storage containers with cedar and bovedas to see if i cant suck out the gross metallic taste and allow them to reconcile their great potential. A friend suggested this, so im trying it, and look forward to having one in about a month or so longer to see where theyre at vs where they were. cello is for NCs
  5. given some of the 50/54 boxes came from MSU, that could be plausible But given that no regionals have been coming from mother factories, its probably pretty safe to assume the regional release wont have much of an impact on the other qdo regulars, nor will it likely represent qdo for the same reason.
  6. I find that reading the works of the aforementioned Mr N and DJ Tiesto(usually via audio cassette) much more difficult and time consuming than it is to just enter an 'mk05 diatribe' query into any random internet forum search bar to get my information. PS - tl;dr
  7. You're flattering arrogance continues to astound me Mr mk, it is very educational. EML14>AME13 Enjoy your evening.
  8. Worst movie I ever watched was so bad that me and the 2 gents who beared witness still make inside jokes about it that no one else understands. So, in that respect, it may have disqualified itself from the initial assessment...spriiiiing breaaaaak forevah
  9. Definitely an RR type location. Beach and....beach. Wife and I did have a really good dinner at Marco Prime a couple weeks ago. If I went back I'd hit that place again. Ario at the JW Marriott wasn't worth the time.
  10. If the lcdh in downtown doesn't allow smoking anymore I won't know how to begin my trip lol My guess is I'll still smoke in the factory offices around a tea table while they translate my 2 sentences into 30 minute conversations
  11. Alright gents, box has arrived safely in the USA. Was a hot day on arrival so i made sure to take it right out of the 90 degree heat and put directly in the freezer to cool it off ??? My put/takes are as follows, already reviewed with Chris, but if any objections just say so, please dont be shy Takes 2009 LGC Deliciosos 2013 Qdo corona 2008 cohiba magicos maduro(i cant believe i chose this) 2003 VR Donnie 2011 Dip2 Puts PMR FEB 05 Bolivar Corona Extra ARG AGO 14 HUSW 2011 Juan Lopez Distinguidos Alemania 2009 Punch Poderosos Suiza 2009 Bolivar Fabulosos Benelux And in the spirit of a good box pass, not to mention this box ends up back on Chris' lap (insert evil laugh here) i told Chris i would be adding some extras to give the box more variety/choices for guys down the line. Im not taking any extras or $$$ for this, just all in good fun. These have no bearing on the puts/takes above fwiw. Extras MOE OCT 14 SLR A LOT MAR 11 Juan Lopez No1 ULA MAY 14 LGC Mdo 2 ARG SEP 14 Fonseca No1 LMA MAR 11 Partagas Lusi SOL FEB 05 Punch Churchill ATO NOV 11 RyJ Cedros De Luxe No1 EOT JUN 16 PL Picadores EML MAY 14 PLPC EMA SEP 07 Cuaba Generosos I will have box packed back up tomorrow and in mail by Wednesday morning for Friday delivery to the next gent. @chanceschmerr
  12. Finishing the Manistee stretch of the North Country Trail in upper Michigan this morning for our 2017 Guys Weekend trip with a 2011 RyJ Cedros de luxe No1 which has become a go to cigar for me in recent months. Im exhausted but it was a great adventure with some great men doing manly stuff, i think :^)

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