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  1. Can anyone provide a some feedback of the their tasting notes of the new Galanes vs the Picadores?
  2. Thanks Gipper. Amazing work! That beats the S&P 500. Now, how do I take the money in my IRA and "invest" in more cigars? The development of an index would be helpful. Like what is available for wine. Any suggestions for such a cigar index?
  3. Several years ago, the stars were aligned for me and a friend to have a memorable evening. We had spent a beautiful October day fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and later headed to the Hard Rock casino in Tampa for a crab leg buffet. Now I had a cigar case full of Bolivar corona gigantes with five years of age and wasn’t terribly excited to chase crab legs with Bolivars. But, as we were walking towards the buffet, we passed the entrance to Council Oak steakhouse and bar. I told my buddy to pause because the most amazing sight had caught my eye. There was a display of steaks aging behind the maître d that was breathtaking. I also noticed that there were others enjoying cigars in the bar area opposite of the restaurant. I asked the maître d, expecting to get shot down, if it was possible to enjoy a cigar and a steak at the tables near the bar. It is an understatement to say that we were pleasantly surprised to learn that not only we could enjoy such a rare indulgence, but that there was also live jazz. Once we are seated, a 6’ tall blond bombshell arrives to take our order and blow are minds. Not only was she pleasing to the eye, but she knew fine food, wine, and cigars. After a thorough tour of the menu and wine list it was pretty clear she could handle the task. I handed the menus back to her and told her we’ll just follow her lead. We started with Woodford Reserve and some jumbo lump crab cakes, followed by bone-in ribeyes with asparagus. She nailed the wine. A Prisoner cabernet. The entire experience was enjoyed with while puffing away on the Bolivars with the band playing in the background. Sensory overload and a night not to forget!... We inhale food in the US. Part of the secret of enjoying this type of experience is to slow down. I now do an annual grill with some local aficionados. Ribeyes and cabernet, with Bolivars or Ramon Allones Gigantes, etc. We’ll usually do a pre-dinner Trinidad and a scotch as a warm up. Mix it up. Have fun. Enjoy the journey!
  4. Just pulled the band of my specially selected and found a non-descript mark. Probably nothing. But in a decade of burning habanos I have never seen anything. Curious if anyone has seen some entertaining inscriptions?
  5. If any fellow BOTLs are interested…I’ll be at the Lanesborough Hotel Garden Room at about 5:30pm on Friday and 7:30pm at The Wellesley cigar terrace on Saturday. PM me if needed or just arrive ready to laugh & enjoy some of Cuba’s finest. Maybe we can get Rob to fly in again with a super gigantes…
  6. The Wellesley is always on my "to do" list when visiting London. A visit there will always make you feel like a million bucks! I was lucky enough to visit last month and enjoy a 50th anniv. siglo. The staff said that the owner, Khalid Affara, brought back these sticks from the latest Habanos Festival. Rob, please find a reason to rally the troops for another London herf. Last year was great fun. A few pics from the Wellesley humidor...
  7. The Wellesley is my favorite in London. It is a decadent man cave. Definitely add this to your London bucket list of cigar experiences.
  8. I was lucky enough to work for Jeff at Hendrick's engine shop in 2000. He is a class act off the track also. I hope he makes an appearance at Daytona in 2016.
  9. Riding my BMX for hours & shooting bottle rockets from my handlebar pad. Fishing all afternoon and into the night. Riding atvs and dirt bikes with no helmet. Learning to work on motorized toys. Getting into mischief w/ friends & it being okay...
  10. I can't say thanks enough to Justin & Rob for making Saturday a great time. Also, thanks to John De Costa for entry to the arts club. It was definitely a treat to talk habanos and hobbies all afternoon. A special shout out to Rob, Justin, John & Joe for sharing some fantastic smokes. I will be sure to bring plenty of aged sticks in the future!! Everyone, keep in touch. Martin, I owe you a lunch! Below are a few pics from my view at the table. -G
  11. Make space for one more! Excited to meet everyone...Greg

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