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  1. Love that place. Have fun, safe travels. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  2. just a one time thing. it was Robs way of buying back a locker. i hope 24:24 is back up today.
  3. its a prerequisite to end my day without it i'd go astray. a sip and a puff ...man was that honey? Hush up ROB and take my money. Arms folded with the meanest glare, yea she doesn't think this sh*t is funny.
  4. If I can prove that I guessed cigar 1 correctly before the deadline (forgot to email Lisa) can I get credit? Lol First two were easy for me and it's funny how some of the vets are having trouble
  5. It's gonna be difficult focusing on this with company and the game on...
  6. '14 BBF Would be a nice night if it wasn't for the wind
  7. Glad to see love for hip hop here! And there is great hip hop today just turn your radio off

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