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  1. There's a good shop in Lisbon but I can't recall if it's a CDH. The one in Madeira was in Funchal but I heard rumours that it closed.
  2. I visited La Civette when I was there in August. While the staff and shop itself was great, the prices were quite high and storage conditions a bit soggy. I picked up some Quai D'Orsay Belicoso and they are phenomenal.
  3. I though my ADD was bad. I have never had a great Cuaba. Yup, that includes the entire line.
  4. Partagas D4. It has a couple years of age on it too but it was a total dog rocket.
  5. US customs deems all cigars that are unbanded as Cuban and that is fact! I crossed into the U.S. 4 weeks ago and spoke to homeland security about bringing Cubans in and they could not provide me with a definitive answer as they had not received any clear direction. Again, this was as if 4 weeks ago.
  6. I was there 6 months ago and saw plenty of Dantes at the duty free although storage conditions are not ideal.

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