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    south sydney rabbitohs,bundaberg rum,fishing,4wd,camping,wife and kids in some sort of order ?

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  1. mate's shed is called The Slippery Thong . ?????
  2. "......Can you please confirm what my husband is repeatedly buying through your company" this should be the slogan ?
  3. been living in a brand new house for 3 years and still haven't finished the back yard
  4. grilled is the way to go plus some baby octopus
  5. the oaks has to be the place for a Saturday evening steak
  6. same boat here my wife was 8 months pregnant when we started moving house and Emily decided she wanted out,so my brother inlaw and I packed and moved everything ,fun times
  7. no wonder people pay for get there stuff packed and moved ,I moved house 3 times in 3 years what a pain in the butt
  8. wow im almost there something else to blow my money on, how about rum as well ?
  9. im a niners fan and we can't go as bad as last year,i didn't think hayne would make it and it was just to get out of his eels contract and sign with the roosters

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