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  1. Growing again this year, lost a few people I've been close with and it seems like at least one could've been prevented. If you're growing, great, if you're donating that's good too. This is my team page I'm front and centre in the team photo and the team captain is on my left. We can all help to raise awareness and to make each other comfortable talking about men's health issues openly. Could be depression, prostate cancer or any of the others but being able to talk about it with others could help save a friend's life.
  2. Was running on the assumption that if you attend one of venues tomorrow for the launch that you would be able to purchase some? Venues and times as per four pillars website.
  3. Try some of the agricole style rums, I pair with these when smoking good cigars. I consume a lot of cheaper sticks though such as RyJ 2 tubos and PLMC's with beers.
  4. Do you remember the start of the movie "the internship"?
  5. I'm either getting really lucky or RyJ tubo #2's are a great under the radar smoke. At least a dozen have been fantastic and only one has had issues, another was average. Pretty good odds with cheap Cubans.
  6. Some of my favourite posts on this forum are your 'letting my mind wander...' cigar reviews. Please don't succumb to other people's laziness. As a father and someone in the same age bracket I have similar concerns as to where our culture is heading but no better advice than posted already.
  7. To the op, I think what you experienced is the impact of dairy on your palate while smoking.
  8. Seen these a couple of times now while at the races and yes they are tuned v8's cranking out around 600+ hp and they really do race 'balls to the wall' as you say. The suspension and whole setup is interesting to me as I hadn't seen much of this until a couple of years ago. Turns out there was something similar in the states in the 80's.
  9. Love it, has some traits of a great por larranaga, gold band and a little wonky, fantastic.
  10. I've been lucky with my igrill but since weber bought them it seems harder to find them in Aus. You can keep track of up to four pieces of meat or three and the ambient temp inside the grill, haven't had any issues with Bluetooth dropping out or sensor malfunctions. Might be worth pming el pres too PB, as he seems to nail his briskets in his smoker and mentioned using these kind of devices. Edit: just to clarify, did not mean el pres uses igrill, just that he referred to a temp probe, etc..
  11. Thanks Ken, I've only been looking for ones with 10+ years on them but I took your advice and looked up the newer ones on their website. Might look at buying a case or two.
  12. Haven't had either for a few years but used to really like Peter Lehman's Black Queen and Hollick sparkling merlot. If you get through the other suggestions try these, though I believe the black queen is getting hard to find and appreciating in value.
  13. Thanks! Great write up, one of my favourite cigars. Have you had the pleasure of a Sir Winston yet?
  14. Nice morning cigar. Can't believe they're to be cut.
  15. '13 punch coronation this fine am. Enjoying it with come nice coffee.
  16. Thanks for sharing. Another unicorn to chase down. Might bite the bullet on this and the millonario xo.
  17. The darkest du prince I've ever had. 'Twas from '14. Muted flavours so was followed by a '15 RyJ 2 tubos that tasted better but was a little tight.
  18. Tent peg '13 upmann pc. A few whiskys on ice helped.
  19. This is why I'm thinking of trying the 45* cut, like when putting flowers in a vase, increasing the surface area in this case for inhaling.
  20. I smoke mostly skinnies (42 or less). I just ran out of du gourmets and can't find any more, running low on lgc 4s, have lots of plmcs along with plps and rgpes. I do get this sometimes, though not from the short fillers. Like you I really can't see the reason for this as I smoke so slow I get the reverse pyramid a lot. Have tried punch cutting and the humble guilo with no discernible difference. The only way I lessen the effects of nicotine buildup is to drink beer or coffee while I enjoy the rest of the cigar. This is am / pm decided. Whisky / whiskey on ice or rum on ice or with coke do not help. You have prompted me to try something else though. I get the best draws on pyramids and belis with Bartolomeos 45* cut and I might try this on a pc or smaller today.

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