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  1. I smoked my fair share of 99-01 and my opinion is that 99 has been the worst. I could see myself gamble on 00-01 if I can inspect the box and squeeze on some sticks to check the construction. Otherwise I would avoid. I would never buy a 99 unless it’s something that I’ve been really looking for, but then I know it’s a gamble.
  2. Maybe the petit Coronas (marevas) will survive through the retro series. I really hope so. If the retro series sells I could see habanos adding a retro to every global brand. Unfortunately I think that’s where it stops. Maybe they’ll add one from the portfolio brands if the sales are really high but I’m not gonna hold my breath for that one. Such a shame that all these vitolas like the (long) conronas, lonsdale, CG, churchills have been cut. They were good vitolas and many of them had a great flavor profile too. Lol I remember hating the PC when I first started smoking and now 10 years later I’ve come to really love them.
  3. So glad you started this thread. I’ve been thinking about making a thread about RyJ PC for 1-2 years now. I haven’t smoked enough to compare different years but I remember buying 10 of them from a RAE OCT14 box and started smoking them from 3-4 years of age and onwards. Also smoked some 7 years old and fresh ones. Imo They really need that 5 year age to shine but when they do it’s the best PC on the market, along with BPC and SPNP. The PC is on another universe compared to the MF. MFs are really good too but they don’t taste premium like the PC does. Would love to smoke some 10-15 years old ones. They seem to age really gracefully. I’ve been meaning to buy a box of them for a long time now but I’ve been putting it off. Now is as good a time as any to ask @El Presidente if they will come up on 24:24 sometimes. Would love a PSP/HQ box or two of these. Also agree with NSXCIGAR about belvederes. Another outstanding cigar. When RyJ are on they’re on fire. But yeah, it’s to inconsistent which is a real shame. But it’s true, no one’s talking about that brand which is a little odd.
  4. I’ve always wanted to enter but couldn’t due to different reasons. What will the price point be?
  5. I love the PC. Very complex flavors imo if you let them age for a couple of years. I’ve also been on the lookout for a box since I have a hunch these will be axed.
  6. I believed in it too. Everybody was talking about it so shouldn’t people believe it. Thing is I’ve had some crystal like substance on my BRC one time. It was after they been there for a few years. This was 8-9 years ago. But I remember looking at it carefully and it didn’t have any fluff in it like mold does. It was completely stale. Anyway, I wiped it off (and I actually have the cigars to this day.) I never seen mold like that, ever. So I don’t know what to believe. A very knowledgeable person here in Sweden says that plume exists. [emoji2369]
  7. I have a specific cigar music that I listen to that’s just instrumental. It’s mainly from a musician Jan Hammer but I have some instrumental songs from movie/tv-shows like blood diamond, I am legend etc. but Jan Hammer is my go to. A few of my favorite Jan hammer songs if anyone’s interested.
  8. Too bad. I know it’s not the same feeling with vape and cigarettes. It is a transition period to go from cigs to vape but if you hang in there it’s so worth it. When I made the transition it was hard but now cigs really disgust me. All I want is my vape. I also feel better in my lungs and mouth. I don’t have that disgusting feeling anymore.
  9. I love them as well. For me it’s the evolution. From the beginning when you light the tip, you get a glimpse of what the cigar is gonna be like. It’s kind of like forplay. Then you get to the thickest part and it’s like BOOM!! All the flavors come thru. It’s like an orchestra where you only hear the violin and the drums and then suddenly, the whole orchestra is playing. And let’s not forget the evolution. Since it’s cone shaped, the filler/wrapper ratio changes in the course of smoking and it’s a really unique kind of evolution that you can’t get in a parejo. Yeah, I love them. To bad they’re so unusual nowadays.
  10. Have you tried vaping instead of cigarettes? I highly recommend it for people who doesn’t want to give up nicotine but want to be a little healthier.
  11. Tell me about it! The humidor market here in Europe is embarrassing.
  12. I could never thank Alex and Trevor enough. Without CCW I don’t know where I would be. Probably lost as hell in the CC world.
  13. Nice. I wouldn’t mind moving to denmark. Or Åland.

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