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  1. I hear you; however, as I tell clients, the crux of reality is the acceptation of normality. We get used to our reality through the ackowledgement of what normal is, what it means. Change is inherently uncomfortable but with time, we devise justifications to learn to accept what the new normal is. We each have our own means and ambitions, thresholds and grievances. For some of us, the idea of luxury goods being unattainable for most is a good thing as it reserves the available resources to the few. For others, the grief of feeling these goods floating above our means result in frustrations. In the end, markets settle and life goes on. I value experiences' value based on experience and actual financial capacities. I don't daydream of things above my mean, which is predicated upon my preference for repeatability of said experiences to some extent. I've learned to let go of the 'unattainable' experiences but we all operate under different predicaments. I doubt I'll buy Cohiba or Trinidad again; I would stop smoking cigars in public if the activity was deemed illegal (same with use of firearms for recreational purposes) but hope I can find life enjoyable regardless of uncontrollable (by me) circumstances. I doubt I'll refrain from smoking the cigars I own (never sold any) and I prefer not to see them as something to be cherished for the experience others think it should be. In my mind, once it has been paid for, its vale to me is 0$ My experience only, hope others can feel free to have their own opinions obviously 😀
  2. At least I don't have to pay taxes to the croc so he may not be the thing that kills me in the end 😅
  3. Was at the LCDH Amsterdam today, they did have decent (under current circumstances) regular production stock, bought a box of HU mag50 (they had 3 boxes), the gentleman taking care of me was polite and nice, great experience. Price was steep at 420 euros…
  4. They had boxes of Partagas and RyJ Mille Fleur in Luxembourg as well
  5. Bought a box of Demi-Tasse at Luxembourg LCDH earlier today, they are out of everything except some cheap & cheerful cigars… sad to see
  6. Just bought a few singles in Leipzig (Germany), they had a few boxes of cheaper Cubans and a mountain of NCs in the humidor…
  7. Financial, legal, political reasons... or all three 😁
  8. I used a metal coffee drip filter and poured in a crystal carafe for 3 hours, had a 3 inch thick rib steak cut from a 30 days dry aged piece and shared with my wife yesteday, the whole experience was truly enjoyable, thank you for your suggestions!
  9. Nobody's fault when forum grey eminences are loosing their edge
  10. The smartest thing someone educated/quick-witted can do when living under a dictatorship is to relocate imho...
  11. Another option not mentioned yet is your personal reaction to the product. There is a slim possibility you might have a physiological reaction, be it intolerance or mild allergic reaction to tobacco... There are a few health professional on this board, hopefully they could chime in with their opinion on the subject.

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