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  1. One of the best regular production sticks - never dissapoints
  2. Wow thank you for this beautiful addition to my stash and just the perfect vitola for the short winter smokes
  3. Thank you FOH. Full disclosure. Siglo are the Cohiba review prize
  4. Nomad Drop Dead Gorgeous. Really nice change of flavors throughout the cigar
  5. What are some great concerts that you saw and regret missing for me: saw live. ‘Guns and roses with Metallica, nine inch nails further down the spiral tour, more recently. The weekend. Star boy tour a few I missed and regret as can never see them again Leonard Cohen last tour, Pink Floyd pulse tour
  6. If anything is actually sold in us chances are it’s fake. But smoking with the people I know the only fakes were the ones gifted to us by friends visiting the Caribbean and bringing back something as a gift to us. I have seen my share of glass top boxes - just wish that money would have been better spent
  7. Well even though both NY teams lost in Football today it was still a great time enjoying cigars with people at the cigar lounge J.O. La reina Matilde And a special treat was to meet a person who used to serve in the military and now part of Search and Rescue volunteer organization. He was generous enough to gift us with memorabilia. These stars used to be worn on actual soldier uniforms if I understood him correctly
  8. Wow never thought I win this thing so many amazing reviews

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