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  1. Bourbon is a cruel mistress. Like the American buffalo, hipster bourbon turds have raped our lands hoarding the bourbons to sell their skins on the secondary markets for ridiculous prices. Gone are the days when herds Elmer T Lee roamed free on the shelves of the shittiest liquor stores. It's a sad day here in Kentucky. I've personally switched to rums which still are an easy catch. As far as bourbons try: Noah's Mill Blanton -same mash bill as Elmer T Micthers Elijah Craig Eagle Rare Colonel Taylor Forrester's bottled in bond Four Roses Single barrel Bookers Basil Hayden These are pretty solid. Here's a good talk from Jim Beams great grandson Fred Noe
  2. Third birthday smoke, not many 2010 pl encantos left in my box.
  3. Hoyo EL 2011 paring Bombay Sapphire & tonicCold draw:Earthy with Bakers chocolate 1st third Semi-sweet coco, slight bit of white pepper in the finish. Slightly tight draw but not the making of an aneurysm, solid burn. The coco takes on a bit more sweetness as it progresses getting some creaminess in the finish as the spice noted in the beginning is all but gone. 2nd thirdSweet coco smooth creamy leather finish. Not extraordinarily complex, but enjoyable like a mediocre handjob and a slice of yesterday's pizza. The drug store Easter bunny chocolate notes persist throughout, followed by a finish akin to chewing a premium leather belt which had been soaked in yoo-hoo. The burn remains on point with a solid ash, hanging on like a midday stripper to a two dollar bill. 3rd thirdMore of the same, the finish has move from creamy to a shade grassy mixed with a hint of 9volt Duracell. Metallic coco pulling ahead in the final stretch, like a carousel horse powered by a water cooled Samsung galaxy note 7. OverallDecent smoke, solid construction. Mind blowingly middle of the road.
  4. 2013 monsdale with a Gin & tonic paring. Outstanding construction, solid leather and cream building through the entirety with a bit of anise mingling throughout. Cheers!
  5. Speaking my language! Enjoying a Dip #2 & Botanist Gin & Tonic. Great pairing. Cheers!
  6. Just like puddin' First I cook Then I chill. Monte especial #1 and a Gin and Tonic. Cheers
  7. Connie A and some plantation single cask. Cheers

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