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  1. As someone with a terminal disease, I will never be able to smoke the rest of my modest stash. I have ALS and my ability to smoke is almost passed. I say smoke them! That's what they're for! PLPC with that age are a no brainer. That reminds me. Need to smoke those last 2 08 Siglo III's I've been saving!
  2. For the last year, i have turned into Ken. Not Springsteen, but Zappa. All the time every time. Thanks Spotify!
  3. Tri-tip on charcoal is a sin!?✌️Red oak is expensive down there! Dave
  4. Funny. I happened to watch the first two episodes the other day. Good stuff.
  5. I store in boxes, kept in my cooler. Singles and fivers out of those boxes in my desktop.
  6. 0 boxes. I've only had 1 single (Encantos). Too cost prohibitive for me.
  7. I'm going find some so i can mix it with Fernet-Branca.
  8. I've never been in a cigar bar, let alone a cigar divan! Im ar home on wicker, wood, or plastic!??
  9. Having a small stock, compared to some, i use CCW. More or less to keep track of my total. I have a number i don't want to go under. Procrastination and laziness cause me to not keep track. When i was putting away stock i received yesterday i noticed a couple of singles i forgot to add to the list. I think when i start my second coolerador, i'll stop keeping track.

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