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  1. The Gispert H2 was widely available in France until discontinuation. It was a very nice mild, cheap smoke.
  2. Have you ever had the Bolivar Demi Tasse (Entracto)? Fantastic small smoke…
  3. To my knowledge, all cigars in cardboard 5er or 3er always had/have bands.
  4. If I show you my “cajun” my father will force you to marry me
  5. That's the real question… and Coprova remains a mystery… no communication, no "general public" website, etc.
  6. Thanks for the kind words ! I moved out this fall and had a lot of stuff to deal with. I'll be back, I'm not so easy to get rid of! And Happy New Year to everyone !
  7. The first time I went to Andorra, the young employee and me have opened something like 20 cab50 of Lusitanias; not one to my taste; then about 15 dress boxes, and I found one great, then I wanted some 898, we opened about 10 or 12 cabs of 25, bleh, then we tried the cabs of 10 but the clerk said: "forget the 898" and I said "ok, let's try these boxes of '02 Party coronas", etc etc. The whole process for my 12 boxes (quota for 4 persons: me + gf, my brother + wife ) took several hours + several glasses of rum courtesy of the shop…
  8. I don't think one can compare distilled spirits with tobacco leaves. I would say that high temperatures increase the risk of further, unwanted fermentation?
  9. When we talk about "old school" flavours, everybody name a Partagas (Chicos, Presidente, 898, and I's add the Super Partagas), which is coherent, but let's not forget the "mild side", ie cigars that aren't spicy and often cited for offering "tobacco flavours": H. Upmann! To me the Upmann No.2 is an old-school cigar. I also see the RyJ churchill and the cedar wrapped RyJ offerings as old school cigars. The "cedar/woody" side…
  10. Dry boxing NC cigars? I'm a bit skeptical as most of the NCs I have smoked would have benefited of a slower burning, a less hot smoke — generally speaking, NCs kept at 62/65% (my range for habanos, I don't smoke enough NCs to have a dedicated humidor) always give me the impression that they're a bit too dry.
  11. My experience is similar. I've never had a bad Perla, and the 2015 I have are excellent; nice wrappers, perfect construction, full rounded flavours, each time I smoke one I smile stupidly as I remember how little money I spent on this delight…
  12. I agree, and on this basis we could say the "most cuban" are cigars like SLR DC, Punch DC, RASS, etc. But on the other hand the cleaness of tobacco flavors from a Sir Winston, Connoisseur No1, etc is equally typically cuban…
  13. "cigar palette"… someone who doesn't know the difference between "palate" and "palette" shouldn't be allowed to write anything about cigars or food or liquors. Let him smoke his Hoyo de Manta Rey in his fish tank…
  14. There was a Ramon allones Mille Fleur as well, which was one of the greatest Q/P ratio ever, with the Gispert Habanera No.2. Alas it was discontinued just before the transition to Hand Made which benefited to many cigars including the other Mille Fleur. As for the name: And in France, a "Miel Mille Fleur" means a polyfloral honey. I'd be curious to know how different marcas decided to have a cigar named Mille Fleur in their line…
  15. Hey guitar players (I'm a drummer), do you know which Gibson guitar does Frank Zappa play in the tune "Transylvania Boogie" in the live album "Chunga's Revenge" (1970)? This guitar sound is one of my all time favorite; I believe it's a 335 but I'm not sure…
  16. RA—>Partagas Diplomatico—>VR RG—>Montecristo SLR—>Punch maybe San Cristobal—>Bolivar and Sancho Panza—>Upmann… ERDM—>RyJ
  17. Wouldn't work for me. The last thing I want from a long cigar is a sudden, brutal change of the flavours. It has to be a progression, not a right angle turn.
  18. I would have been tempted to slap her or kick her ass… sometimes ignorance is insulting…
  19. Then I guess the word "sweetness" is problematic, because some habanos are regularly described as "chocolate bomb", "dessert cigar", etc. There is a reason honey, caramel, sweet cream, sponge cake, crème brûlée, are so often cited… I have had some SCdLH Murallas that were pure moka, or Trinidad Robusto Extra that were so sugary that I almost worried for my teeth… but "sweetness" is still very vague for me (english isn't my mother tongue), I don't know if it's "softness", "sugariness", "creaminess", etc.
  20. My trick: between puffs, hold the cigar vertically – foot down, head up of course. I do it systematically, without thinking, and I can't remember the last time I had a cigar canoing.
  21. Not an easy task actually. I did it with a box of RyJ Cazadores which had wrappers made from abestos; you must be very careful not to damage the binder otherwise the cigar will fall apart. And yes it makes a difference tastewise.

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