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  1. RyJ short churchill TOE JUN 07; ugly wrappers, terrible construction, totally flavorless. Hoyo de Monterey Epicure Especiale EL '04; great looking tasteless cigars…
  2. » The Hoyo Piramides were spectacular the first couple years, » but have evolved into a rather bland cigar. Sometimes it's better to smoke » them fresh. So true. My last Hoyomids, smoked last year, had lost all their flavors and aromas… A complete collapse.
  3. » If it's a really good one, I'll clip it carefully from the ash end, about » an inch or two of the burned end, then light it and purge only for a few » minutes. Occasionally it's worth it. If it was a really good one. I do it occasionally when I must interrupt the smoking of a good, long, mature or vintage cigar. It doesn't work with young cigars, in my experience.
  4. » I had a box of 97s, » recently finished. Some were just fantastic, some totally flat. The » proverbial box of chocolates. I have had the exact same experience with a box of '97 ( FPG NOSC).
  5. Many of them are mild; I have had only one ERDM Vikingos and I found it more interesting than the Obus. The El Conde 109 is outstanding but its price seems to be out of control… :-(
  6. » Wonder if habanos are available in Ceuta? » Yes they are, and prices there are even lower than in mainland… Mel, do you know that a few months ago, the prices of certain habanos that don't sell was lowered? What I can recall: — Partagas coronas: 4.00 €uros/cig — Hoyo coronas: 3.00 €uros/cig — RyJ Cedros deluxe No1: 4.50 €uros/cig — Vegueros especiale No1: 4.00 €uros/cig (when the No2 is at 5.40 €… ) If I were you, I'd search every estanco for a nice box of old Partagas coronas… ;-)
  7. » Maybe you can get in touch with James Suckling (European editor or » something for CA)- I think he lives in Spain. I believe Suckling lives in Italy (Tuscany), not in Spain…
  8. Why would the Quinteros be discontinued? They sell very well in Europe…
  9. » This small cigar is full of youth and very nervous at his youngest, it » needs to rest a bit. I think it delivers it's best at 5 or 6 years, but » it's so hard to find some vintage, and so hard to keep them 5 years:-D I'm working on '06 boxes and they don't show any signs of youth…
  10. My questions/suggestions, very humbly… •/ Since the discontinuation of the 898 non varnished, the petit corona, then the lonsdale, and now the coronas, there's a gap in the medium gauge Partagas line. Nothing between the Shorts and the 898 varnished… (ok, there is the petit corona especiale, the super Partagas, the two tubos and the Partagas de Partagas No1, but they're not playing in the same league, are they?…) Any plans to fill that gap? •/ How is it possible that we still find underfilled cigars in recent production? •/ Another vote for a 50 count cab of RASCC…
  11. From here I can hear the laugh of the guy who sold this box… :-)
  12. I have a PEL NOV 02 box which turned out to be much more interesting than what I expected. The cigars are very spicy and rustic, the taste is somewhere between RyJ, Monte and Punch. They are very satisfying and show a huge potential for more ageing.
  13. » Greece is a Baltic country, no? There's an LCDH in Athens, I believe. » » Zone : Europe » Country : Bulgaria » City : Sophia » » Country : Romania » City : Bucarest » :surprised: you are making a confusion between the Baltic and the Balkans! :-D

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