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  1. Excellent tribute and photos - I'm sure Chuck will be proud of you all for the tribute and cigar selections too!
  2. Sorry I haven't been on the boards in awhile but I'm more deepenly saddened to hear about Chuck's passing just now. I never had the chance to meet Chuck in person (even while living in the Tampa area) but from his board messages and emails he was always a great person to talk to about cigars or any realated discussion topics. Thank you Chuck for being who you are and bringing joy to those who you shared your experiences with too! Respectully, Jason PS - I'm having a Cohiba Siglo IV in honor for you!
  3. I was able to change my flight to an additional day so i should be able to attend the NY Herf event. Jason
  4. You can put me down tenative for the event if that helps/matters. I have a NY flight leaving Dec 30th early morning unless i can find a way to change it...
  5. As a Oris Executive 14K Gold Jewel watch owner, I'll have to go with Prototype FOH Watch 7. I'm looking to buy another one and that World Timer design is purrrty....
  6. » Will be held at Havana Dreams ,Queens NY on Saturday December 29 start time » 3:00 pm till ??? » » Please if going send E-Mail's to Lisa if attending no later than 2nd week » of December. » » If there is any people backing out that said they were coming please let » Lisa know. » » We will need a head count we will be having Food catered at the Lounge » also all the other fix'ins will be included. » » It will be a long night. » » More info will follow in the coming months Lisa hope to see you all. I'm tempted on joining that even since I'll be in LI, NY from 19-30 Dec for the holidays. If you ever head eastward, there's a good cigar friendly live jazz/blues club in Huntington called Chesterfields.

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