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  1. That's a beauty! It's even taller than mine, but not as wide. Let us know how you like it! JD
  2. Superb information and wise advice indeed. Three cheers for a voice of experience! JD
  3. To sound like a cliche monger, I must say that it was absolutely divine! Construction, burn, typical profile, you name it. And it wasn't even one of my old ones!! Yummy indeed. JD
  4. Hey, I know where you are. Actually, I'm not all that far from there! JD
  5. » My name's Darrel and I'm a college professor who loves cigars. Found out » about this place from a friend on another board and had to check it out. » Loving the reviews and everything else I see! This place will definitely » make it onto the daily viewing/posting list for me. Hey, there! I'm in the same racket so it's a real pleasure to meet you. Welcome! JD
  6. Thanks very much, guys! I've spent some time looking through the various posts here (quite a bit of time, actually), and I must admit that this forum appears quite different from the others with which I'm familiar. As most of us probably did, I started out years and years ago in that forum affiliated with a certain magazine, but soon grew disenchanted with all the horse-crap associated with that place. Then came a few other forums that were fine, but there was always a person or two (or more) who messed things up for everyone--you probably know the types: know-it-alls, fakers who pretended to have done just about everything in life (it's always fun to watch them exposed as fakers), and others who just enjoyed stirring the pot and creating turmoil. Well, I'm tired of all that stuff. Despite the few great guys from those places I've met and continue to call friends, I feel it's time for something new. Now a bit about my own tastes in cigars. I'm a simple man with simple tastes (or, as Curley in The Three Stooges once said, "A simple job for simple people! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!"). I'd have to say my favorite brands are Bolivar and Montecristo. From those brands, I'm a big fan of BBFs, Corona Gigantes, Royal Coronas, #2s, Edmundos, and Petit Edmundos. Those smokes are my favorites, but at times I enjoy many others, even Piedras! For reasons of flavor and enjoyment, I only smoke Havanas. I frequently visit my folks in NYC, and if any of you guys are from the NYC area perhaps we can meet up at some time for a few smokes. I'd look forward to meeting you and making a few more good friends. I'll post here and let you guys know when I'm heading back to the Big City. For now, I'm headng out. Have a great day and smoke a few good ones! JD
  7. It's great to be here! Perhaps some of you might know me from a few other forums in the past. I'll be lighting up a Monte 2 to salute you all in about two hours! Again, it's a pleasure to be here. Bueno Fumar! JD

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