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  1. Absolutely not !!! Send those CCs to me and I'll store them for you. FYI - there is a minor bit of tobacco evaporation that occurs, so a few sticks might disappear.
  2. My birthday is Saturday, so I'll be firing up a few "special occasion" cigars at the local cigar shop. Don't like getting older but it beats the other option.
  3. Like others, I have nothing that I'm unable to open. But let me get down to the last two or three cigars in a box, then I'm a mental case.
  4. Probably 60-70% of what I smoke are non-Cubans. My go-to cigars are from Aurtro Fuente. The consistency and quality is hard to beat. From the green band 858s, Chateau Fuentes, Hemingways, Anejos, Opus X, Don Carlos, Magnum R, various vitolas of the aforementioned lines with Sungrown Wrapper - there is such a variety that I have cigars for every occasion. I am fortunate in that I am able to attend the Fuente Mania event each year at Holt's Cigar in Philadelphia, PA. This allows me to pick up cigars that have a somewhat limited availability at MSRP. Make no mistake - I love my CCs as well. But I do love the cigars from A. Fuente.
  5. No change here, but that is due to my lack of success at the 24:24s. I've been able to snag 2 boxes over the past three years. The timing of when it is posted is bad for me.
  6. I came down with a sinus infection twice several years ago directly after attending an inside cigar event where there was little to no ventilation. Since then, whenever I attend such an event, I use my Neti Pot as soon as I get home to flush any irritants from my sinuses. Don't know if it's that or good luck, but I haven't had a sinus infection since.
  7. Yeah, I need to get my hands on some lanceros as well so I can find out whether or not I like them. So step aside the next time these are available in a 24:24, all you filthy CoLa whores.
  8. I was there two years ago, and the only shop I would trust is Fincato. It had a decent selection, but no REs/LEs when I was there. The prices weren't terrible, but they weren't giving them away either. I think I paid about 25 EUR for a CoLa and 32 EUR for an Cohiba Espy.
  9. Picked up 2 boxes of the Boli #1 Tubos, as I love that size. Also picked up a box of the BCGs, though I've never had one previously. I'll let them settle for a month and try a few. If they are as good as I anticipated they'll be, I'll pick up another box or so before summer hits here in the US.
  10. Get to Nat Sherman's early and grab a seat by the window. Lot's of eye-candy to keep you occupied when warmer weather prevails.
  11. I'm a big fan of the Indian Canyons (North) course, along with Silver Rock. Played Desert Willow (Firecliff) last month and it was gorgeous. Have also enjoyed playing both Indian Wells Golf Resort courses (Celebrity and Players), as well as the Mission Hills Gary Player course. Terra Lago can be fun and interesting, but it can be extremely windy in Indio.
  12. Like others here, I've been there, done that and have the t-shirt. It sucks that it happened, but the past is the past and you have to remain positive and move forward. I wish you all the best as you search for your next job. And as far as the previous employer asking you back, good for you. They made their bed, let them sleep in it.
  13. Glad there's a good explanation for that. Enjoy 'em, mate !!
  14. Am I the only one who noticed the inconsistencies of the location of the bands on the cigars ?? That doesn't look right to me.
  15. Outside of the golf course, where I tend to smoke bigger cigars, my long-time go to is the Bolivar Petite Corona. It never disappoints.
  16. My local is part of a small franchise (about 11 stores), and they have a similar policy. Fortunately, the store managers tend to look the other way provided that you make a purchase. What I fail to understand is why does it matter what I smoke provided that I am a paying customer ?? I always buy 2-3 cigars for every cigar I smoke in the lounge, but I prefer to smoke cigars with some age on them, rather then fresh over-humidified cigars from their humidor. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying I should be able to waltz into any lounge with my own cigars, smoke 'em and then head home. But my local's rule is that even if I were to buy a box of cigars from them, I cannot bring those cigars in at a later time. All cigars smoked in the lounge must be purchased that day from their humidor. What a bunch of rubbish...
  17. Interesting video - thanks for sharing. And I must say, it is sexy as hell to see a beautiful woman smoke a cigar !
  18. I have a guy like that at my local B&M. I've learned to ignore him as best I can, and when I do have to respond to him, it's usually something along the lines of "Hey, different smokes for different folks". I willingly concede that the non-CC manufactures have come a looooooong ways over the past 20 years or so. While I certainly enjoy my CCs, I also enjoy cigars from Fuente, Padron, etc... In the end, it comes down to smoke what you want. You want to smoke a Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 ?? Go ahead. Ghurka floats your boat ?? Have at it. Just don't try to denigrate the cigar I'm smoking because its' not what you like. I really don't give a rat's ass what you think about what I'm smoking, as I'm not smoking it for you, I'm smoking it for me.
  19. I will smoke two cigars each round - an AF Double Chateau Fuente SG on the front and a La Gloria Churchill Maduro (non-CC) on the back. Both are hearty, consistent, flavorful and sturdy cigars that hold up to all sorts of weather conditions.
  20. Lakemirror nailed it on the head. I'm a member of several different cigar-related forums, and each has it's own way of operating. As mentioned, CF is not a primary trading/selling site. This is an example of a new member marching to the beat of his own drum, and expecting the forum/community to adjust to him. It doesn't work like that here, at CF or at any of the other forums where I'm a member.
  21. It will be interesting to see what the CC prices will be like in the US, once taxes are factored in. My thought is that while a lot of folks will experiment with Cuban cigars, non-CCs will be more affordable and they'll eventually migrate back to their favorites (Padron, Fuente, Liga, etc...)
  22. On our annual golf trip to the mountains of West Virginia, the gnats would bother us to no end. While the rest of us were spraying ourselves with Deep Woods OFF and rubbing Avon Skin-So-Soft on our arms, we noticed that the bugs did not bother my friend's father-in-law. The difference was that he was smoking a pipe. This being the early 90's, we went to a drug store and bought some packs of plastic-tipped Swisher Sweets cigars. They did the trick in keeping the bugs away, although I joke that they must have been dipped in kerosene, as you could only get a cigar to last a hole or two. After doing this for several years, I ended up going to a tobacco store to get some "real cigars". I bought a handful of cheap cigars, but the difference between those and the Swisher Sweets was noticeable. That started me down the slippery slope.

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