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    loving my family, collecting skills, sharing the human experience, and laughter (lots of it)

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Ethernut's Feedback

  1. topdiesel left Positive feedback   

    Cazzie box split. Thanks for hosting. Easy transaction.

    Ethernut was The Seller

  2. MahDooRow left Positive feedback for a topic   

    DONE - "The Next Legendary Thing" Split - 100 Cigars
    Many thanks to Ethernut for hosting "The Next Legendary Thing". It was a superb encore to the OG "Legendary Split". The cigars (5 CoRo, 5 Partagas 898) were packaged with care and arrived in perfect condition. A+++

    Ethernut was The Seller

  3. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Ethernut was an awesome host of a truly legendary split! Communication was prompt and friendly, shipping was fast, the cigars were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. He went the extra mile to make it fun and even threw in some extras. Thanks E!

    Ethernut was The Seller

  4. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    I participated in the Legendary Cigar Split - E-Nut was great to deal with, great communication, great extras, legendary smokes and lots of fun all around.

    Ethernut was The Seller

  5. archosaur left Positive feedback   

    LEGENDARY SPLIT, need I say more? Ethernut pulled off an unbelievable undertaking. Thanks Bryan!

    Ethernut was The Seller

  6. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    E is the MAN. GOAT of splits! Thank you sir!

    Ethernut was The Seller

  7. jwr0201 left Positive feedback   

    Great host! Thanks for the split. Much appreciated!

    Ethernut was The Seller

  8. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth split of some great smokes!

    Ethernut was The Seller

  9. archosaur left Positive feedback   

    Excellent split partner! Thanks my friend.

    Ethernut was The Buyer

  10. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    Perfect split, great packaging quick communications! Great BOTL!

    Ethernut was The Seller

  11. Ubergosupro69 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    *DONE* - Diplomaticos #2 HQ TOS DIC 15 7/26 24:24 SPLIT
    Ran a great split! Would do again.

    Ethernut was The Seller

  12. fabes left Positive feedback   

    Great split partner. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks!

    Ethernut was The Buyer

  13. billh1 left Positive feedback   

    Great BOTL and fellow Kentuckian! This was our first trade but I have a feeling it won't be our last...easy to work with and dependable. Thanks again for the trade!

    Ethernut was Trading

  14. JohnnyCigar left Positive feedback   

    My 2nd split with Enut went fantastic. He is a great BOTL.

    Ethernut was The Seller

  15. JohnnyCigar left Positive feedback   

    I had an awesome 1st split with Ethernut. He packaged my cigars securely and communicated to me throughout the process. My cigars look and smell great. Thanks Ethernut!

    Ethernut was The Seller

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