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  1. Some people think that Snoke IS Plagueis. Apparently their theme music is identical or something.
  2. As other have mentioned, it definitely was a big homage - with the aim of washing away the taste of the terrible prequels one would. I had hoped for a little more, but the franchise has been re-booted and set up with a solid foundation. I have high hopes the next movie will kick ass. There are some concerns that Disney will change Star Wars from an epic space opera to an action movie to appeal to a mass audience. But I remain optimistic! *SPOILERS* One fan theory that was interesting is that Kylo Ren deliberately turned to the dark side in order to get close to Snoke so he could assassinate him. When he asked Han to "help him", Han understood what he was saying and went along with it.
  3. I smoked my first ever RA CF two weeks ago, on an empty stomach to boot. Even for an occasional smoker like myself, it wasn't too strong. Very rich smoke, was tasting the fruitiness even when I wasn't smoking. At the end of it, I was definitely feeling the nicotine and needed to eat something, but it should be approachable now for most members here I'd imagine.
  4. Thanks guys. I will also be in Tokyo later this year so will try and check these places out.
  5. Saw a trailer for this documentary and wondering if anyone has watched it yet. I know it's wine and not cigars, but I wonder how the concepts translate across. Might interest those in the blind tasting competition
  6. See a few votes for the RASS 50 cabs. Is there that much of a difference between a 50 cab and a box 25? If so, what is this due to; better quality sticks get put in cabs? Or does the box improve ageing somehow?
  7. Very cool. The swordsman in that video is the same guy who cut BB gun pellets in half on Stan Lee's Superhuman. It's terrifying to think that if the machines rise up, they will have that kind of skill. We'd be doomed!
  8. There definitely are Cuban cigars available. The focus is mainly on duty free cigarettes though. Walk through the shop to the back wall and you see see the cigars in glass cabinets. The selection seemed small, with a focus on Cohiba - and the prices weren't that cheap either. That being said, maybe there there is another shop with more cigars that I didn't see. Personally, I didnt pick up anything there so can't attest to quality. Let us know your experience, as I will most likely be back there in a few months.
  9. I'm not knowledgeable about the games but looks like you hit a 12-leg link? Congratulations!
  10. DWC - WuYi oolongs can be some of the most expensive teas around. There's different grades though, and you can get decent stuff without having to mortgage your house. WuYi oolongs are rock teas; they grow on the mountain in either very shallow soil or hard clay. As a result they have a unique mineral taste to them. Roro - I'm heading to Japan for a mate's bucks party in December, will try and get away for a couple of days for some tea hunting. I understand the top sencha can get pretty expensive though. CharbelAntoine - glad you're giving it a try. You don't need any special equipment to brew puerh. Just know that people tend to brew it for multiple infusions - I wouldn't buy a tea that doesn't have the stamina at least ten good infusions. Rinse the leaves in boiling water before the first infusion. As in pour boiling water on the leaves, and pour it out straight away. If you have any questions just send me a PM
  11. I drink tea with cigars, appreciate all kinds. But my favourites are Chinese teas. My puerh collection is getting to the point where I need to think of storage options. Raw ("sheng") puerh tea is a world of it's own. Wet stored vs dry stored (humidity levels), young vs aged tea, factory blends vs boutique productions from a single mountain, I'm sure the FoH community can understand how this can spiral into an obsession.
  12. For a 1 hour smoke, I don't like to pay more than 1 hour's wage. Not counting special occasion stuff. Speaking of which, need to pick something for my birthday
  13. In the near future, I'd seriously consider moving to Berlin or Toyko. Just need to work out what I could do for work, not speaking either language.

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