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  1. » » RE: Message Board Layout/Design » » I'm with you. I think this is the best arrangement I have seen across the » www (and I spend a lot of time looking for information for my web site). My » vote: NO CHANGE! Yeap... I vote no change for the message board format the current format is simple yet refined... I hate the graphic/colour/flourish overload often found elsewhere - none of that here.
  2. »why "wantin it all the time" -hormone isn't as acceptable as » "i am ugly, fat, whatta ya lookin at" -hormone. :-P » » that's the question... » » miker Hey... applying both safest + ultra safe methodologies above, whether the situation calls it or not, you can get anything anytime (it works also when you need approval for more cigars - that is, if she ever needs 2 know ;-) )
  3. » » but wine is booze » » i ment hard liqueour as in Finlandia Vodka or such Betcha tranquilliser darts would do the trick!
  4. » our once glorious reds have hit the all-time low. wooden spoon in the super 14 with a performance so spineless that it is nigh on impossible to imagine even those floral peahearts south of the border capitulating so disgracefully. Bloody hell of a big wooden spoon that's gonna be! Unthinkable at the beginning of the season, when I thought our western forcers were wobbly...
  5. » i don't think i have posted this before. apols if i did but worth another » listen. » i think it a classic! » http://howtoprankatelemarketer.ytmnd.com/ Bloody hilarious... Thx Ken
  6. » Cigar-smoking boss faces fines » Source: Newsday » ...Nassau's anti-smoking law provides for fines of up to $250 per day for the violations, Schlossberg said. Suffolk's law provides for first-time fines of up to $1,000. The fines rise for subsequent violations. The state's Clean Indoor Air Act provides for penalties of up to $2,000 per violation. Hmmm.... that boss must not be very bright, 'cause with the sort of money in penalties (+ possible associated lawsuits) he could buy himself a very advanced and sophisticated air purification and smoke extraction system for his office...
  7. » for aussies who want to get on the register to stop cold calling - www.donotcall.gov.au Thanks Ken for the heads up. I had been looking forward to the "do not call" register. However, it is disappointing to find the following clarification on the register wesite: Registering your telephone number on the Do Not Call Register will not stop all telemarketing calls to your number. There are some exemptions which enable certain public interest organisations to make telemarketing calls. Exempt organisations include charities, religious organisations and registered political parties. You can also still receive calls from market researchers. Those that are exempt are my main problem... I generally have fun pulling-the-leg of the callers from Mumbai et al (their call stream has diminished considerably during 2007... maybe I have been black listed)
  8. » What is a PCC Punch? X:confused: A reference to the 2006 Regional Release (Asia Pacific) of the Punch Super Robusto, which are distributed through Pacific Cigar Co (PCC = exclusive Habanos SA distributor for Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Filipinos, Malaysia, Australia,New Zealand, Indonesia, Fidji, Brunei, Papua New Guinea,Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Taiwan and Viet Nam). The other regional release for 2006 was the Ramon Allones Estupendo.
  9. » make it a top 3 if you cant name one With the caveat that I am no connoisseur of Cuban puros and that, due to a lack of extensive exposure to other marques, I am heavily biased toward Cohibas, my top 3 are: Cohiba Siglo I (anytime, anywhere... ), Robusto and Siglo VI While these are always present in my humidor, I have recently ordered a sampler from the Czar hoping to gain insight into the preferences of the many connoisseurs that frequent this board. ¡Salúd!
  10. » thanks Muchas gracias for the review!... I have yet to take the plunge with a Cuaba due to the relatively lousy reviews they tend to get.
  11. » One side issue, as diadema is a genus of sea-urchins, anyone any idea where the name came from? Etymology: from the Latin "diadema", and from the Greek "diadEma" (from diadein to bind around, from dia- + dein to bind; akin to Sanskrit dAman rope) "Diadema" is Spanish for an ornamental jewelled headdress signifying sovereignty (such as a crown or a coronet, though it indicates nobility, its rank is below that of sovereign). In general, the name is often used to designate a ladies jewelled headdress... "Corona" is the nobiliary male headdress counterpart (though a sovereign Queen has also a "Corona").
  12. » If you have favorites let us know and why... My inherited intro to "el mundo de los magnificos": A Belinda Belindas box, once filled with 50 beautiful cigars. Pre-embargo, with "Made in Havana-Cuba", "Claro Claro" and "The cigars herein contained were imported to retail at more than 20 cents each and are so tax paid" fire-branded on the bottom of the box, and with "Seleccion Exclusiva" carved on the sides... why favourite? purely sentimental reasons.
  13. » I sent an email yesterday and sent an email today via the live chat interface. Does it normally take a day or two to get a return response? IIf so, I'll just be patient, but it's hard... ;-) Today's ANZAC day... a sacred Australian public "Holy"day... thus, the no reply. You'll get yar reply 'morrow... I'm certain... cheers ya'll
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