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  1. Thanks, that's what I thought. The age doesn't really matter to me that much but it'd be nice to know.
  2. I was mooching around on ebay in the UK last week and this came up http://imgur.com/a/hbRfv I love Upmann cigars so I picked it up, I'm hoping someone here has some experience with them, I'm curious if it's possible to date these, there's a date on the label of JULIO16/1912 but I don't know if that's actually a manufacture date or just something that's on all those labels? Also, I kinda want to put some PC's in there, how do you humidify these, pop a boveda inside? Like I say I've got no experience with these jars, new or old.
  3. Smoked one at around 15, wanted another SO BADLY for the next 2 days after but as it happened I couldn't get anymore. After those two days I basically decided to never ever smoke one again because I would obviously end up getting addicted. Never touched one since.
  4. Thank you very much to ElPuro, TheFullMontecristo, habanolover, DoubleDD, NSXCIGAR, foursite12, cpm89 and of course El Presidente for your opinions, I'm going to try keeping the majority of this box for the 3-5 year period but put some aside for around 10. Again thanks for your help, for someone who can't afford to buy boxes upon boxes this informed opinion is very much appreciated.
  5. Hello ladies and gents, I've just picked up a box of Upman no 2 from LUB JUL 14, I wonder if anyone can give me any opinions on when they think these cigars smoke their best age wise. I know this is all subjective, I'm just interested in peoples opinions. Thanks
  6. There will likely be a majority that tips in favour of one answer or another and failing that you can batch them up to try at those different intervals. It's still much more useful to know that information than to be completely blind.
  7. Perhaps this exists, but I wish there were somewhere that said "These particular cigars will likely smoke at their best 6 years after production". I know Rob and Ken do this in their reviews but it'd be great if there was a site somewhere that listed cigar production from a particular year and people with more experience could basically chime in and say "yep these are in their prime now, there's not much more upside, smoke and enjoy em". When you're a noob you often don't even have a clue how good a cigar can be with the right amount of age on it, it'd be great if there was an authorative place that could answer this question and that crucially got updated regularly since quality/blends fluctuates over the years.
  8. They are in the wild as of yesterday apparently https://www.reddit.com/r/cubancigars/comments/3pynah/diplomaticos_exclusive_cuban_release/
  9. It's an encrypted network that piggybacks on top of the regular internet. Its traffic gets routed through a bunch of servers designed to conceal/hide the origin the people using it, so effectively you're much more anonymous on it than you are on the regular web. That means it's a popular place for selling mail order drugs among other things.
  10. Pretty sure they have the same shop each with walk in humidors in each of their terminals, on my flight to Thailand I was in the terminal with the dip #1 on my way back I was in a different terminal and I didn't notice any dip #1 in that humidor. But with 5 hours you'll have enough time to go between them.
  11. Passed through Dubai duty free about a month ago, they had a stack of diplo #1 boxes http://i.imgur.com/pzzAXhu.jpg
  12. Thanks for your replies, I was planning on taking some with me but was hoping to pickup singles of cigars I hadn't tried. I'll see what's available when I'm there.
  13. Hello Gents, I'm visiting Thailand in July and will have a 2-3 hour stop at Dubai each way, I was thinking of picking up some singles from dutyfree while I'm in the airport, I've done some googling but the price lists I've found seem to indicate you can only buy boxes? If anyones got some first hand experience I'd appreciate it.

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