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  1. Here's the thing El Pres, you're dealing with criminals, likely literally the mob in some part of the world that's branched out to cyber extortion. The question you have to ask yourself is, if I pay have I just put a big sign around my head which says "this computer has sensitive potentially valuable stuff in it that someone is willing to pay to get back". You pay, they'll decrypt your files and then they'll have a good look around in them to see what was worth paying the money for... Fundamentally you have to prepare for this stuff, this is what we call in the trade "disaster recovery planning", you look at your business and see what's critical, what you absolutely need and you need a plan for if there's a lightening stike which knocks it all out, or in this case malware that effectively makes it unusable. To your specific question, assuming I knew nothing about IT and I hadn't planned for it, what I would probably do is contact someone who did know about IT stuff, get them to confirm there's no practical way of getting the data back without paying, then pay the ransom and get said IT person to backup and audit the entire setup.
  2. You're right, I tend to think just getting people to do any kind of backups is a big win, in an ideal world you'd really want two drives in case one dies anyway, probably backing up on each alternately. Or as you say some off site backup service, preferably incremental, but then you run into issues of how much data you need to backup and how sensitive it is in terms of whether it needs to be encrypted e.t.c.
  3. I'm a programmer and have essentially been in the IT industry in various capacities for about 15 years now. The only real solution to this problem is backups. Make backups consistently and regularly, preferably automate them, do this and in the event that your machine gets infected by malware of this nature you can fallback to your backups to retrieve your data. There is no other guaranteed way around getting out of this situation.
  4. There are a couple of cigars I recall a H Upman Connie A and a Trinidad Reyes which were absolutely spectacular, others I had bought at the same time of the same vitola couldn't come close. I've often tried to articulate the taste/flavour I got from them and the closest I can come is that it tasted like what "Pearl" looks like. That's a bad way to put it but I know of no better, there was a quality to them, a seam of flavour that ran through them that no other words can quite adequately describe. They were 99 cigars for me, every puff was extraordinary, I've been chasing similar experiences since. I would call those sublime for sure.
  5. I was extremely impressed by a warped la hacienda I had last year, the quality of tobacco was outstanding, will be looking to buy some more of them this year.
  6. Taxes are a part of it, but in London it's mainly a combination of H&F markup and having cigar stores in some of the most expensive real estate in the world.
  7. I asked that of someone who knows his stuff (UK Tobacconist) and he suggested that yes, long term it's not a good idea to have different types of cigars stored next to each other.
  8. Well, I just bought a box of du prince, I'll be buying a box of HUP PC (I cannot believe this one...) next month
  9. Just a thought, but if you do have a relatively recent flat file output of the site there's a good chance a parser can be written to extract the relevant data from the html ready to insert back into a database. It'd certainly be less painful than doing it by hand. I don't know what your current plans are, but I have some experience with writing such scrapers, if you'd like me to take a crack at getting the data back into a machine readable format let me know.
  10. Given the circumstances, I think I'd perhaps name and shame the company in question, if you've paid for backups as part of your service and they've botched them then frankly they deserve nothing less.
  11. The only one I've had in the past was an A/T (bought from JJ Fox in London) similar vintage to the box I just got, and that one was very tight but just about smokable. I just punch cut three out of the box, one was perfect, one a little tight but still good, the third was quite tight indeed but not plugged. In the past I've found that very tight cigars will loosen up if you let them breathe for a bit once they've been cut/punched. We'll see how these go
  12. Bought a box of Hoyo Du Prince a few months back, they've been spot on every single one.
  13. Huh, got a box of these last week, 2001 Upman Monarchs (not tubed), friend went through Dubai airport and I guess they had some in the LCDH, he got a box for him self and box for me. £250 for the box, think I might be onto a winner there. Taking a couple on holiday with me to Thailand/Myanmar next week, I'll report back on how they smoke.
  14. It's a bit of an odd list isn't it... "Montecristo Eagle, Partagas E2, RyJ Wide Churchill, Hoyo de Monterey Double Corona & San Juan, H.Upmann Magnum 56, Trinidad Vigia" It would be a terrible shame if the Montecristo Eagle were to be unavailable....
  15. Smoked one of these this evening, I have to say I think this is without a doubt my favourite cigar, it's reasonable priced, there's lots of availability, the quality generally seems excellent, they seem to smoke well young (I can never seem to keep them long enough to let them age...) but to an extent it seems to fly under the radar? I've noticed on el presidente's sale threads here that the Magnum 50's tend to sell out incredibly quickly so I'm guessing I'm not the only one who thinks like this, what's everyone elses opinion on this cigar?
  16. I just don't "get" CoRo's unfortunately. In fairness I guess I've not had a massive range from different boxes but the ones I've had were... ok? Even had some 10 year old ones and again.... ok? But I think I'd rather have a good upman magnum 50 any day of the week and they're a lot cheaper and easier to get ahold of!
  17. Keep mine in tupperdores at 65%, I generally take any cigars I want to smoke out the night before and put them in an empty cigar box. My impression is that even 24 hrs later generally improves sharpness/distinction of flavour.
  18. I think that series ages incredibly well. The modern "Sherlock" with Cumberbatch isn't going to look good in 10 years time, it has a "quirky" style that's likely to fall out of fashion and grate. Whereas I think the Brett series is timeless, the props/actors involved are all of a really high standard, it's the best possible telling of those stories in my opinion.
  19. So here's what I did when i visited Thailand last year. Tupperware with a cedar sheet from an empty cigar box in the bottom and a Boveda. Then put the cigars into those bags with the individual cigar sleeves e.g. That one's a 3 sleeve jobby but you can get larger ones with more sleeves. That'll keep the your cigars from banging into each other. Then if there's any room between the cigars and the lid put a bit of bubble wrap in there to keep them from bouncing around vertically. The cedar sheet btw isn't really for humidity, you can break off spills to use to light your cigars if you can't find a decent lighter. If you're taking one with you then you probably don't need to bother. Not elegant, but I hate carrying around extra crap once I've no more need for it, so once I smoked everything I just ditched the tupperware but kept the bags because they're useful and don't take up any space.
  20. I did check that website, unless I missed something there isn't an "introduced date" for the 10ct box, that's why I asked here.
  21. Oh OK, definitely not new then, thanks NapaNolan, ayepatz. I was wondering if Habanos were putting out more of their long and skinnies in 10ct boxes (something which I think would be a really good idea!) I must have missed them before, definitely going to buy a box!
  22. Quick question gents, how long has the 10 count of Monte no 1's box been around? I usually look around for smaller boxes like this but don't recall seeing this one, is it a recent thing or been around for a while?
  23. It certainly gives me pause for thought. I was in London recently, at jj fox and Davidoff, bought a H Upman Monarch from one and an Upman Sir Winston from the other, both cigars I had wanted to try. The monarch was very tight but just about smokable, the Winston was completely plugged I prefer long and skinnies, I'm prepared to pay a premium for them but having them be plugged or very tight draws... is just a dealbreaker and incredibly frustrating.
  24. Giant Bomb Cast (video games) Tested.com This is only a Test (Tech Stuff) Roosterteeth Podcast
  25. Received a box of du Depute yesterday, not even a year old, Jul 15 if memory serves, first time I've tried them. Hands down one of my new favourite cigars, smoked another today which was a big plugged but *still* good. I am on the skinny HdM bandwagon for sure!

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