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  1. Personally the reason I voted to leave was... 1) I never voted to join in the first place, my grandparents did (I'm 37). Imagine living your entire life but never actually having the opportunity to vote on one of the most important aspects that effects you. 2) EU seemed incomprehensible and undemocratic. There was a new treaty every 10 years, it didn't matter if a country voted against it the EU would just keep making small changes and then asking them again until they agreed. If two countries voted against it they'd just repackage it as a different treaty a few years later but not actually have any referendums on it because that was too inconvenient. 3) In normal politics you vote for a parliament and that parliament can't bind a future parliament, so every 5 years you have the opportunity to kick out the current lot and replace them with someone else who can reverse everything if needs be. Except with the EU where a treaty gets passed, the effects of it won't really kick in until the government who signed it is long gone and at that point you can't change it... so important laws get passed that you can't vote on any more and you can't even vote out the buggers who passed them in the first place, sound good don't it? 4) The EU looked like a complete shambles for 3-4 years while they lurched from one country sized bailout to the next during the Euro crisis. 5) What is the ultimate end goal of the EU? Where does it end up? What does it look like? Anyone know? Nope. The entire debate about staying in the EU or leaving was completely centered about what it is right now and what it was in the past, not what it was going to be in the future. And given that it was the only opportunity in my lifetime to actually have a say on it it's pretty important to have an idea on what you're voting for in the future right? So I voted to leave and I'm happy with the choice. It's going about as well as I expected, better actually since we're not actually in recession (yet). I never thought it would be easy, leaving something you've been in for such a long time never was, but personally I think we really made our decision to leave when we didn't join the euro, it was obvious then that we really didn't believe in the EU the way the other big countries in the EU do.
  2. Honestly, the simple answer to this is immodium (carry this with you when you travel) and a 24 hour food fast. Just drink water for 24 hours and let the bug starve itself out. In my experience eating anything of any sort just keeps it going.
  3. Actually, thinking about it, I do recall buying a single in Davidoff London once and they spritzed it with some water... I wondered why they did it at the time, but perhaps this is fairly commonly done?
  4. Well bloody hell... Think it's worth doing a test on dunking a correctly humidified cigar? See if it improves it any? I've got some PL Panatellas I think I ought to give it a go on
  5. I would certainly love to pick some of these up.
  6. I once had a Connie A which was by far and away the best cigar I've ever smoked, sadly I've never ever been able to get another that reached those heights. The Mag 50 is the only other cigar that got close to that experience, not as good, a distant second if you will, but still a damned good cigar. Thing is, I would say I generally prefer the average Mag 50 I've had over the average Connie A I've had, something about the silkyness from a good Mag 50 is sublime. In terms of putting my money where my mouth is, I have a single box of connie A's which I sample around 1 a year, but I buy at least a 10 box of mag 50 every year, so long as the draw is good they never let me down.
  7. It may depend on how "hard" your tap water is. I have noticed this, I was travelling with my own portable coffee gear and using bottled water bought in a 7-11 (Thailand) when I got home and started using tap water the difference was noticeable, with the tap water having a noticeably metalic taste vs the bottled water I'd been using in previous months. That said, I still do use tap water because it's just easier :) but there's no doubt in my mind that the type of water you use does make a big difference.
  8. Going hard on Trinidad, wonder if it's an effort to establish another "premier" brand like Cohiba. Feel like Trinidad has the chops for it.
  9. If you want a small, portable travel grinder (I use mine at home as well) then I highly recommend the porlex grinders, specifically https://www.amazon.co.uk/Porlex-Mini-Hand-Coffee-Grinder/dp/B01B77O8FM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529347491&sr=8-1&keywords=porlex+coffee+grinder They're well made, have ceramic grinding parts and you can buy reasonably priced replacement spares https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/porlex Buy some spares in advance and it'll literally last decades.
  10. I know they grow & make these weird little mini cigars in belgium for pipes Supposedly quite good, they don't seem to do cigars though. Wonder if it's a problem to get good enough leaves for wrappers...
  11. I've typically been trying to set aside 1/3rd of everything I buy for aging. I either smoke everything in the box till that last third (if they're smoking well). Or I have boxes sitting waiting till the cigars hit their stride. Either way, last third gets split up into bundles, 3 cigars per bundle, I wrap them up with a ribbon, label them with year & box code and set them aside in cedar lined tupperdores. When the tupperdore is full I buy another and continue.
  12. Idris Elba is British... so I reckon he can probably pull that off. My thoughts are that Bonds normally alternate between the more Brutal Secret Agent to the Suave Spy, we had Brosnan as the Suave Spy then Craig as the Brutal Secret Agent. Feels like we ought to swing back towards the Suave Spy which sort of rules out Elba to me because I think he'd make a fantastic Brutal Secret Agent bond but can't quite see him as the Suave Spy.
  13. Just a thought, but perhaps you'd be best off putting a few cigars into a small tupperdore with a boveda pack at 65rh and see how they go.
  14. Unless someone can tell me differently I don't think you're going to find anywhere in europe cheaper than FoH
  15. Apologies if you've discussed this recently, I know you've mentioned in recent posts that quality has been slipping on average, I'm curious how the Upman range is holding up? It's by far and away my favourite marca out of Cuba.
  16. cigar: Got some 3 yr old Monte 4's just in, they are spectacular music: Simpsonwave! reading/TV/cinema : Re-reading lots of Pratchett at the moment, NightWatch is still I think the best book he wrote beverage: Thatchers Vintage cider, good lordy it's good. hobby: Battlefield 1's In the Name of the Tsar DLC just dropped, some of the best maps in the game so far
  17. The tesla model 3 out this year will have a 220 miles range and cost $35k USD, in the UK that'd cover most peoples needs (and your own?) and price wise is pretty comparable with a lot of BMW/Audio/Mercs you see on the road. And that's this year, it's 23 till they stop selling petrol/diesel cars, I reckon they'll improve on that some...
  18. Honestly, sounds reasonable enough to me. The UK is a relatively small country, the distances people generally travel are small compared to say the USA, I'm pretty sure the government talked to the car manufacturers and basically said "look when are you lot going to have working electric cars that can do the average mileage the average UK car does in a day without having to recharge"? They said 2040 and that was that. Also, we're talking cars here, I'm expecting heavier vehicles that work for a living aren't going to be covered by this because the power to weight/distances traveled isn't there yet.
  19. Oh dear.... The thing about UK weather and I'm guessing this applies in Ireland is, it changes day to day with no predictability. It's summer right now, two weeks ago we had a week of 25-30c weather, bright sunshine, clear skies. Last week and this it's been intermittently raining, skies are cloudy and it's about 15-18c (during the day). So basically you probably want to come in summer (june, july, augaust), but there is absolutely no guarantee it won't pour down with rain your entire trip.
  20. Bear in mind the distances involved are really pretty small vs what you're used too in the US. Trains and budget airlines will get you around the country relatively quickly. www.skyscanner.net is pretty useful for finding cheap flights including budget airlines. My guess would be that London or Dublin will be the cheapest cities to fly into, you want to book your return tickets back to the US to one of those two, then plan a route that doesn't involve doubling back, so something like... Fly into London, check it out for a day or two, head North to Scotland, you can fly or take the train (flying is probably better), explore scotland, get a one way flight to Dublin (this would likely cost you $50-$100 depending on how far you book in advance), have a wander around Ireland, then fly back to london from Dublin, fly home.
  21. Given that the Upman Petit Corona's are being discontinued they might be a good choice. They are still available on one of the other main online sites for reasonable prices.
  22. Media is increasingly personality based, individuals command audiences that rival major news networks, so said news networks invite them on in an attempt to pull in some of their audience.
  23. I have a friend who has a theory on this. He imported his own leaf and rolled his own (UK), I was discussing this very thing with him and he suggested those stand out cigars might contain leaf stems that are typically removed for most cigars. He thought the stem would be rich in minerals and would give off a very intense flavour. I liked the theory because I know most cigars when rolled have the stem removed, I presume for burn consistency reasons? But that some manufacturers of very high end cigars do in fact leave the stem in. The guy at cigar obsession dissected a real Padron 1964 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isMA8cGXOWQ and found it contained stems on most of the filler leaf, he contracted Padron and they told him this was normal on some of their lines. Just a theory I wonder if El Pres or any of the other old hands have any thoughts on it.
  24. Consider getting Japan Rail Passes, you can only buy these outside of Japan, they basically let you get onto any train going anywhere with the exception of a few bullet trains on certain lines. Depending on how much you want to see and how much you want to travel these may work out cheaper, they will certainly save you a ton of hassle buying individual tickets. You've said you plan on using Tokyo as a base, personally I would probably fly into Tokyo, checkout the city then head south to Osaka and use that as my base, from Osaka it's easy to get to Kyoto (should not be missed), Himeji (incredible castle) and Nara. Basically that part of the country has some really cool historic stuff all within easy travel of Osaka.

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