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  1. Don't try to catch a falling knife as the old investment proverb goes, wait for it to stick into something solid and stop vibrating.

    The knife is still falling right now in my opinion because everyone's concern is inflation and it's not certain when or if it will be brought under control.

    In the US assets of all types had a big run up during covid and there's plenty of space left to fall.

    When and if it looks like inflation is back under control and starting to recede that's probably the time to get back in.


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  2. 10 hours ago, mprach024 said:

    Don’t like added sugar?  Don’t buy it with sugar.  Like ‘‘em sweet?  Knock your socks off.  Like it “spiced”, pour me a Cuba libre.

    We don’t need Rum to go full bourbon on us.  We don’t need rules set by those where you need to have a beard or mustache quafffed just so, or wear an ironic tshirt underneath a too tight paisley button down shirt with narrow legged burgundy pants and 2 toned oxfords on your feet.  Don’t forget the ultra thick rimmed glasses and sides of the head shaved up to wear the top is super long so you can swoop it over.

    Please…..hipsters…..stay away from Rum, just let me enjoy SOMETHING without it having to be over thought.  I need something easy in my life.  I like what I like, no rules, shove your rules, you already ruined Bourbon.

    *exhale deep breath*


    Ahh well, the issue is knowing what has added sugar and what doesn't. The EU just passed regs that limit how much sugar you can add to rum and still call it "Rum". About 58 of the rums on the list el pres linked too will not longer be legally be Rum at their current dosing levels in the EU.

    The hipsters cometh, it's already too late.

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  3. I think the trend is moving against added sugar in higher end sippers, beyond even that where casks are matured (Caribbean vs Europe) is becoming an issue.


    Rum afficianado's have always hated the added sugar, but the Whiskey & Bourbon crowds are moving into Rum and they don't want additives in their Spirits.

    Think El Dorado recently cut their dosing in their 15, it certainly tastes different to previous bottles I've had. I would say this trend will become more prevalent as the Whiskey/Bourbon crowds increase their buying.

  4. My observation is that much of online social media regarding cigars is heavily US based and so new smokers outside the US end up being drawn to NC's since that's what they're seeing others smoke online. There are also probably cheaper options in terms of NC's than there are for cubans in terms of like for like size.

    And of course there are people who just prefer the flavour profile of specific NC blends over Cuban. I mod r/ukcigars on reddit which I would say skews younger in terms of smoker age and NC's are probably the majority at this point although cubans are still popular and the people buying by the box are almost always buying cuban, those buying singles are mostly going NC

  5. Structurally different markets. Tea and especially the kind of tea you're talking about won't really last that long and still be good? Cigars last for decades and fetch a premium for age and rarity. So cigars are both for smoking and for investment if you're holding long, there's no benefit to rolling super secret best of the best and selling them on the quiet because they can't then easily be resold for the premium they should fetch. But put them in a reserva or grand reserva and they sure as hell can.


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  6. Yangshuo, China - I've never seen scenery as magical as the Karsts in and around Yangshuo, I've visited twice and would go back in a heartbeat

    Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Home of the bridge of the river kwai, it's nothing special but there's a guesthouse there I love. It has this wooden platform that extends out over the river (and floating rooms!), I love spending a day or two lounging on the platform drinking Singha and reading.

    The Himalayas - I desperately want to go do the Annapurna trek, that might well be the first trip I make post covid

    Chile - I live in one of the most light polluted places in the world, I really want to see the milky way in all its glory and I heard Chile is one of the best places

    Bangkok - To see friends and that city is just incredible fun

  7. Generally ssl protocol versions are not mandatory until the big browsers (chrome basically) decides they won't support anything lower. But even then it'll depend on what your cny based users are using for browsers.

    You can probably support 1.2 and 1.3 and the browser will use the relevant one. That being said at one point you might consider making a subdomain on foh like cnyonly.friendsofhabanos.com which only supports 1.2, and pass through everything from the main site to that for chinese users.

    There are potential SEO issues with that but it rather depends on how much you care about search rankings and the traffic that comes from them.

  8. I got heavily into cigars about 5 years ago and for a few years went on a bit of a buying spree (nearly all cubans), I established a collection probably in the  300-400 range, small by the standards of some here but I'm not a frequent smoker, maybe one or two a week during the summer (weather permitting... UK....), nowadays I tend to buy a few boxes per year as top ups.

    I got an email today for some specials from a popular website many of us have probably used and thought to myself, damn their specials look like their regular pricing used too.

    I know china will hoover up everything cuba produces so I have no expectation prices are ever going to come down (or even stop increasing) but for me I'm starting to think nc's may have to be the way to go for my regular smokes and cubans will be treats. Has anyone else been having similar thoughts?

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  9. Visited one of the high end stores in london, think it was Davidoff or Dunhill. I remember they had the cigars out in a display with examples of each next to each other for reference. And they were all bleached and anemic looking because each display had its own florescent light directly above it.

    So yeah, direct sunlight for long periods would definitely be a bad idea

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  10. I first started smoking cigars about 5 years ago and over time I've occasionally come across cigars way too tight to smoke, I got into the habit of stashing these in an old cigar box at the bottom of one of my tupperdores thinking at some point I'd probably cut them up and put them in a pipe.

    Anyway fast forward to today and I was doing a reorganisation of my tupperdores and came across said box of misfits, on a whim I tried the draw on them....

    Some were perfect, some were still a little tight but definitely smokable, I think I've got six in that box and *all* of them are now smokable...

    I just went out and smoked a Bolivar PC which I can recall from years ago was unsmokably tight, today it was perfect! It smoked down to the nub beautifully.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this?


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  11. Right. But honestly what will happen is, young people won't learn to drive because they have to pay such huge insurance premiums due to their age, they'll use autonomous instead and never see the need. Insurance premiums for drivers who choose to drive themselves will begin to rise because they'll likely be less safe drivers than autonomous cars statistically.

    Could we reach the point where people try to ban it altogether? Probably, but by that point I'm betting the vast majority won't know how to drive anyway.




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