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  1. I'm probably under 5% of the time, don't get that many plugged cigars. Got some Fonseca's from around '99 that I know all need it though.
  2. I smoked a relatively fresh one, must have been a year old or just shy and it blew me away with how good it was.
  3. A very young P.E. that I normally wouldn't have touched for another couple of years, they're probably not even a year old, was beautiful. With Spiced Rum and Cloudy Apple Juice.
  4. The CR's I remember stunk of perfume. I think I stuck them in Tubo's and tucked them away. I'll dig them out tonight. The box were inoffensive although I did find a strip of blue plastic hanging out the end of one.
  5. Think I have half a box at home, one of them present's you get from friends and family that holiday there, even a couple of unbanded custom rolls they got at a market.
  6. 90% of the time just this now after years of overthinking, over spending and over packing.
  7. 2010 Montecristo Grand Edmundos - Loved them Partagás Serie D Especial - Liked them Trinidad Short Robustos T - Loved them 2011 Cohiba 1966 - Never had one Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Pirámides - Below Average Ramón Allones Allones Extra - Awful
  8. I'm with you on this one, don't mind a pub garden cafe creme when the occasion calls, shame they changed the name, lost the nostalgia. Try the Montecristo mini blue's if you can find them, might get a pack of mini's in for St Paddy's Day down the pub shed tonight actually now.
  9. A PSD4 picked up from a newsagent/tobacconist in September 2012. That was my real eye opener to cuban cigars. A '91 Hoyo Epi 2 was probably up there as the closest to the perfect cigar I've ever smoked.
  10. P1 for me, smoked one at Ajay's a few years back and tbh I'd rather a P2 to smoke, that jar though....
  11. It's a Pint of Plain for me. Been a rough year for the Guinness drinker's with not many opportunities for draught. The draught can's just don't quite hit the spot, I even had to buy a couple of the Tulip Glasses designed for the can measure's not the stolent pint glasses. Guinness are really doing their bit to get the pub scene back going in Ireland, I believe they're going to be the same as Blighty and only allowed a drink with a "substantial meal". And for anyone after some inspiration on Christmas Shopping, some Guinness inspired stuff that's made it onto my wishlist;
  12. Completely this year. I get an abridged and biased version from my Father in the office. I might google something he mentions.
  13. Only if I'm going on a dog walk with family or a group, seem's to be the only time the pace fits in with a cigar. Plus my last few walk's have been in torrential rain. No chance a cigar would have stood the test.
  14. I saw Boris Becker in Sautter's on Mount Street, London.
  15. Born and raised on the border in the Home Counties, I love London, I have never tired of having it on my doorstep I can not imagine I ever will. It is a city of extreme's where I have found home in many subculture's at different point's of my life and I still move and am welcomed into any I wish to stick my neck into. I feel I have lived many different lifetime's in London, I have great memories and I live to make many more.
  16. Gone up £3 in 7 years, can't fault it. They've confirmed they still have a lifetime repair or replace guarantee, they just supplied a form and I'll send it back to the supplier to deal with. Lovely.
  17. JLP Petit Caz's are my absolute favourite dog walker's at the moment.
  18. Mine's pretty much knackered now after 7 years of use. I've just e-mailed the supplier, will see what they say. Pulled the trigger on a Fox Cigar Cutter, fell for them as soon at first sight.
  19. Could be quite nice, like a Navajo coffee? They use toasted flour.
  20. I'm off to Protaras, Cyrpus next weekend after a year of little time off work, "unfortunately" the other half can't join me so it's me and the boy's. £50 return flights, £20 pppn for a reasonable hotel incl. breakfast and happy hour. Laughing.

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