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  1. I'm probably under 5% of the time, don't get that many plugged cigars. Got some Fonseca's from around '99 that I know all need it though.
  2. I smoked a relatively fresh one, must have been a year old or just shy and it blew me away with how good it was.
  3. A very young P.E. that I normally wouldn't have touched for another couple of years, they're probably not even a year old, was beautiful. With Spiced Rum and Cloudy Apple Juice.
  4. The CR's I remember stunk of perfume. I think I stuck them in Tubo's and tucked them away. I'll dig them out tonight. The box were inoffensive although I did find a strip of blue plastic hanging out the end of one.
  5. Think I have half a box at home, one of them present's you get from friends and family that holiday there, even a couple of unbanded custom rolls they got at a market.
  6. 90% of the time just this now after years of overthinking, over spending and over packing.
  7. 2010 Montecristo Grand Edmundos - Loved them Partagás Serie D Especial - Liked them Trinidad Short Robustos T - Loved them 2011 Cohiba 1966 - Never had one Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Pirámides - Below Average Ramón Allones Allones Extra - Awful
  8. I'm with you on this one, don't mind a pub garden cafe creme when the occasion calls, shame they changed the name, lost the nostalgia. Try the Montecristo mini blue's if you can find them, might get a pack of mini's in for St Paddy's Day down the pub shed tonight actually now.
  9. A PSD4 picked up from a newsagent/tobacconist in September 2012. That was my real eye opener to cuban cigars. A '91 Hoyo Epi 2 was probably up there as the closest to the perfect cigar I've ever smoked.
  10. P1 for me, smoked one at Ajay's a few years back and tbh I'd rather a P2 to smoke, that jar though....
  11. It's a Pint of Plain for me. Been a rough year for the Guinness drinker's with not many opportunities for draught. The draught can's just don't quite hit the spot, I even had to buy a couple of the Tulip Glasses designed for the can measure's not the stolent pint glasses. Guinness are really doing their bit to get the pub scene back going in Ireland, I believe they're going to be the same as Blighty and only allowed a drink with a "substantial meal". And for anyone after some inspiration on Christmas Shopping, some Guinness inspired stuff that's made it onto my wishlist;
  12. Completely this year. I get an abridged and biased version from my Father in the office. I might google something he mentions.
  13. Only if I'm going on a dog walk with family or a group, seem's to be the only time the pace fits in with a cigar. Plus my last few walk's have been in torrential rain. No chance a cigar would have stood the test.

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