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  1. Can confirm this is definitely a gift I would want if I hadn't already bought myself one, wouldn't be sad if I had two as I could dual wield.
  2. Yes, because I wouldn't be able to enjoy them after they've been sold on BR. It would definitely positively affect the enjoyment of the RASS though.
  3. This tube sprang to mind on reading about the "sorry emails" I'm going to have it going through my head when trying from now on.
  4. To be fair, I get told "it's the way you say it" on a regular basis. Going to have to remember to start throwing down petals and lighting candles before I speak one day.
  5. Some Tory donor who's had trouble sourcing his favourite Cubans has come up with this plan, it's pure Malcolm Tucker, genius, don't let the younguns take up the already strained supply.
  6. There are certainly a lot of variables at play. Personally, I don't have a big collection at all, it's for smoking. I was lucky to score some Esplendidos and CoRo 3 packs which will undoubtedly be enjoyed by me. A box of Siglo VI (10) and Fundadores (24) on the other hand, they set me back around $400 a piece, I'm not interested in the cash, but I'm certainly having thoughts about putting them on BR so I can buy 3-4 cheaper boxes in their place, I'll probably enjoy them more and I'll feel a lot less guilty about buying them if I'm playing with the houses money. Might be a different story of it was easy to buy a box of anything or I had a large stash. I don't really get why someone would pay that much for a cigar, I really enjoy those moments where everything aligns and you get beautiful weather, a great drink, good company and a cigar that drawn perfectly and tastes sensational, but my expectations of a $100+ cigar would be fairly unachievable on my current disposable income. That would detract from my potential enjoyment in the moment. So many times in my life, great things have happened when I was least expecting it, you don't pay $100 for something like a cigar, bottle of wine or steak and not have high hopes, they've really got to hit the mark otherwise you're going to be disappointed.
  7. Can't say I'm a huge fan of having to spend more money, but I'll still do it. I have a box of Fundadores and a 10 box of Siglo VI that I might struggle to crack now though. I'd be interested to try them but I could always just sell them and buy other boxes to increase the collection. I'm in the process of building a collection to age, the lack of supply is the biggest frustration rather than price. Would be good to be able to simply buy the cigars I'm interested in rather than hoping they come up on 24:24 when I happen to be awake.
  8. What's been a good rule of thumb on aging them in your experience? Are they anything like the Club Allones?
  9. Great review, I've got a 10 count that I need to crack. Definitely worth being careful with that BBQ brush, they've been known to shred bits of metal and leave people needing surgery. I got rid after seeing a particularly nasty post surgery photo. Scrunched up ball of decent foil works almost as well, not quite but it does a great job when the grates are still hot.
  10. My second ever PSD4, pretty sure I get it now, absolute banger. Went down extremely well with a Vault City triple fruited Mango Sour, was sceptical but I guess it was akin to the orange juice saga I read about on here! A real palate cleanser.
  11. I'll keep an eye out, I think I could happily enjoy a whole cab but probably best split!
  12. I've looked at these photos multiple times since you posted. Congrats on your purchase, definitely my most desired box, love the size and the couple over had have been top drawer. You must be very well connected!
  13. This 2011 RyJ SC in our new home, a touch bittersweet as I made a huge error and sold all of my cigars after a very long hiatus a couple of years ago. I was left with a Monte No.4 that I thought I might as well smoke as it was left hanging around after everything else sold. I realised my huge error during the first third. When I first got into cigars I didn't really enjoy them that much, finding the slim pickings I bought lacking in flavour that I could see everyone else describing, most likely youth, on both the cigars and myself if I'm honest! Anyway, fast forward to just before moving home and I found tthe above SC in a tubo in a suit pocket. It must have been in there for a good 5+ years, surprisingly good condition, still supple and smelt great. Couple of weeks in the tupperdore, a relocation and finally smoked on the be patio while listening to the birds and looking out towards the sea, glorious. Eleven years changed the experience entirely, I'm not really that experienced as to be able to call out the nuances, but it was enjoyable to the nub with no rough edges at all.

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