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  1. Just ordered one...... Robusto PM sent. Change weekly
  2. Thank You! That was very informative. Answered almost all the questions!
  3. Great review. I have always wanted to try one. I think I'm going to splurge on a box.
  4. Thank you all! I deeply apologize if I upset anyone one the odds n ends forum. I have taken the time to read all the "newbie" forums to correct myself!! Cheers to all....
  5. Hello everyone ! I am so pleased that I found this site. I really look forward to expanding my knowledge and enjoying a common hobby with others. I like many of you started the love affair with cigars at a young age. Fast forward 25 years I love NOTHING more then jumping on my motorcycle with a group of friends and a few carefully selected cigars enjoying the day that may turn into 2 or 3 days. I also love to blindly reach my hand in the cabinet grab a cigar and sit in the backyard enjoying some whiskey or scotch! Time just flies by. I hope to meet a lot of new friends!

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