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  1. I usually have a beer or whiskey/whisky when I have a cigar. As many have said before, it`s how I wind down after a long day of work and just relax. Whether I have 1 drink or 10 drinks really depends on the company I keep.
  2. BRC is what I would buy. But I`ve had some PSD4s with some age on them that were incredible. Difficult decisions...
  3. YES! Suits is probably one of my favorite shows on TV currently. Some others I really enjoy are: White Collar (Another great USA series like Suits) Breaking Bad Mad Men House of Lies The Newsroom (Can`t wait for the 2nd season to air this summer) House of Lies Boss (until they cancelled it)
  4. That looks great! I have a few bags of cigar bands that I`ve been talking about doing something with for a while now. I`m inspired to make something creative out of them now.
  5. Probably my favorite beer. I will have to try those two together sometime if they have Well`s Banana Bread beer and if they don`t I will try it with something similiar.
  6. After the Casa Magna Robusto was named Cigar of the Year by CA a few years ago, I rushed down to my B&M to buy a box...
  7. Monte No.4s are my go to CC. I`m also a big fan of BRCs. I`ve recently acquired a variety of everyday CCs with some age on them. I`m going to let them all sit for a little while before smoking them and purchasing boxes.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  9. Hey Everyone! New to FOH and I just wanted to introduce myself. I`ve been smoking for about 5 years now, mainly NCs, but within the last year and especially the last few months I`ve been smoking a lot of CCs. Some of my favorite CC brands are: Monte, H. Upmann, Bolivar, Cohiba, Partagas and SLR. I usually smoke robustos or petite coronas. I`m in the process of building a coolidor to store some boxes until I purchase an Aristocrat later this spring. I`m looking forward to learning more about cigars and getting to know some of y`all better!

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