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  1. I`ve been smoking through a 5er of PLPCs from 2011 and another 5er from TOS FEB 16.

    The ones from 2011 are much smoother and have more of that caramel profile that many associate with PLPCs.

    The ones from TOS FEB 2016 have some strength to them with hints of caramel and cream coming through as well.

    I prefer the younger ones and look forward to sampling one from the cab of PLPCs (TOS FEB 17) that are on the way from a recent 24:24 sale. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, BrightonCorgi said:

    Not a fan at all of PLPC's, but they do have a follow.  How about one or two dress boxes of BBF's?  Can't go wrong; don't take up much space and price is right.

    I sort of hijacked this thread a bit by saying I was in the same boat as Kferguson (sorry about that :o) but I decided to buy 2 x 3 packs of the Cohiba Esplendidos that are on 24:24 right now as I don`t have many churchills and I will probably move forward with a cab of PLPCs the next time they are on 24:24. Smoked a TOS FEB 16 PLPC the other night that was really good. 

    I would go with a box of BBFs but I bought a box a couple months ago... Too many cigars and not enough space/$$$...

  3. 3 minutes ago, NSXCIGAR said:

    Just my 2¢, but my recent experience is that both the RG Perlas and Panetelas are smoking better than the PCs, and I'd also recommend recent production Connie 1 over the HUPC. The PCs are good, but the Connie 1s are great and are a much better value IMO. 

    Also, have you tried the Monte Dantes yet? It's not for everyone and depending on your tastes these may not be where you want them to be for many years. 

    Thanks for the input! I might go with a box of Perlas then. Or both haha. I was leaning towards the PCs as Rob and a few others have mentioned that if you can get a quality box, they are smoking great. Another reason I was thinking about the PCs instead of the Perlas was I just ordered a box of Monte No.5s from a recent 24:24 sale. 

    I actually bought a 1/4 box of the Connie 1s from a recent 24:24 that are in transit now and if I like them, I will probably get a box of them. I`m a big fan of the PCs and I figured since they have been discontinued, I should probably get a couple boxes from Rob before I can`t find them.  

    As far as the Dantes, I haven`t tried them yet but I am a big fan of the Monte profile (no.2, no.4 and PEs) so I figured they`d be a good box for me to put away for several years. 

    Any suggestions for a box to put down instead of the Dantes?

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