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  1. I'm going to say it again, my thread had nothing to do with the cop, not about moaning after the fact. If you take the time to read my post, the only question I asked is does the amount of the fine seem excessive compared to the infraction I comitted and others that, IMO are much worse or dangerous for others. If 269$ seem fair to you, that's fine. To me it's taking it to an extreme and makes no sense. Do I know the fee for every infractions, no. It seemed harmless and I didn't think it would harm or bother anyone. Does it make a difference if it's for 1 minute or an hour, if there's people around or if I'm alone, heck yes! Not everything is equal and calls for the same reaction or punishment. Had it been full of kids or in the street, it would be a different story. If I jaywalk at rush hour on a busy street is it different than my small one way street at night when there's no one around? Can't we not use our judgement at all? By what you're saying the answer would be no. Let's just follow the rules 100% know exactly what will be the fine we'll have to pay if we do.
  2. For me it's easy to feel the difference. In the summer I smoke 10-12 sticks per week and my cardio is terrible. In the winter I go to the lounge maybe once a month and smoke 1-2 sticks. The next session, max two cardio is not what it should be, but after I'm all good.
  3. Totally does for me. Cardio is much better in the winter because I don't smoke as much. But it also depends on the number of cigars and the type of training. Running on a treadmill for 20 minutes at a pace of 6:50 isn't going to make me feel a big difference. But a crossfit session with an intense wod or a sparring session and even one cigar is going to affect me.
  4. Exactly how I feel. It's an infraction that deserved a slap on the wrist, not a punch in the face. IMO
  5. That's my thinking as well. Had it been 50 or 75$, I still would have not done it again. Giving a fine is one thing, but to me this is just gouging. At 269$ / squirrel, I don't think so.
  6. I agree and didn't say anywhere that I didn't deserve getting a ticket, nor that the price should be based on the breed. But you think that a ticket of 269$ is justified in this case? Running a red light is about 150$, seems to me a lot more harm could be done with that infraction.
  7. I wasn't seeking empathy, but not cop bashing either. My point was the amount of the ticket compared to the infraction. As I've said a few times already, the cop AGREED with me that he should have been doing something else. It wasn't an argument, nor was I impolite towards him or trying to get out of it. There's not point in fighting in court and I'm not going to deny I've let them go. Again, my point is just this ridiculous amount the city charges for such an infraction. Especially compared to much more serious crimes.
  8. Brother, I'm not sure where you're getting this from my posts. As I've stated and will again, I haven't said anything about cops or hating cops or something even remotely close to that. I also mentioned more than once that the officer agreed with me about doing something else than give tickets to dog owners.
  9. I understand what you are saying, but as I stated I'm not arguing his job, it's actually the inspector who wrote the ticket. And as I said the cop agreed with me, and he said outright that he would have liked better to be working more serious crimes, but he had to be there. Honestly he even seemed bothered by having to "escort" the city inspector. My feeling is he was there just in case someone would have started becoming aggressive or abusive.My point is the amount of money of the infraction versus other that are much more dangerous.
  10. Thanks for the advice but I told him that as the inspector was writing the ticket. So there was no chance he was going to let me go with a warning. The cop said he agreed and that he would have rather been investigating real crimes, but that a complaint had been put on the mayors desk and that he had the city inspector with him for that reason. Once I left I met a few other dog owners, one old lady had been walking in the park area and she also got a ticket. They weren't there to give out warnings, no matter what you had to say.
  11. OG all the way. I'm surprised he didn't ask me to put a muzzle on them.
  12. Went walking my two dogs today like I do everyday, I have to teckels and they go insane when they see squirrels. We're coming back from the walk and they see one. It's an area next to a soccer playground. In the soccer area you can't walk your dogs even on a leash, but where we are it's fine as long as your keeping them on a leash. This little area is a small fenced space with a few empty picnic tables and not accessible from the playground. It's around 4 p.m. and in Montreal it's pretty cold, so there is no one and I mean no one, in the park or where we are walking. So I decide to let them run after the squirrel, it's a distance of about 30 feet and as soon as I let the leashes go, I start walking towards them to grab the leashes and continue walking, but... Here comes a cop and a city inspector, by the time they arrive I already have one leash in hand and I'm walking to grab my other dog. They tell me I have to hold the leashes at all times. I can see there's not point in arguing, but I still make my point that there's no one around, it was only for a few moments, that I "dropped" the leashes (that didn't work btw). He asks for my ID. Then I know a ticket is coming and there's no point going crazy and making matters worse. I do tell the cop that I'm sure there are bigger crimes going, that ressources could be put to a better use, etc. But the inspector is already writing the ticket. Now, it's on me, I KNOW it's against the law to let your dogs run free, even if they're super small, harmless, even when you're all alone (well not counting the cop and inspector I didn't see) and only for a few moments, but here's where I think there's a problem. In Montreal exceeding the posted limit by 45 km/h is a ticket of about 250$. Driver passing a school bus when the red lights are flashing is 200$. I could give more exemples, but both of these seem much more dangerous than my two hunters going for a squirrel. But stil my ticket is 269$, maybe since I'm the one who's paying it, I can't be objective you tell me, but I find it excessive. Anyways, my rant is over, just not the treat I was expecting for halloween, that was one expensive squirrel... JS Here are the two culprits

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