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  1. » » Ross...the inside word from the few in HSA that have tried them is that » » they are magnificent. I am looking forward to it. » » » Look,these are young,tannic & very harsh.Don't wast your time or your » money on them cuz you won't like them.:-D That would be funny after all the hoopla. :-P
  2. » Very nice review. This is a cigar that I have yet to smoke. Will put it » on my short list when I get to sampling the Julieta 2 vitola. » Thanks again for the review. I haven't tried this one, either. I bet we have met at one of the HH Herfs. I've been to three but haven't made one in a month now. This review makes them sound like a must try! Thanks, cigarnv ;-) Steve
  3. I liked the one I had from 05 the best. Recent ones I've tried have been good, though. Thanks again for a great review.
  4. Great review! I've been meaning to pull the trigger on a ten-box of these for a while. Next purchase, fer sure! Steve
  5. » » Oh for chrissakes, there goes the joint. » » » » Welcome aboard, Steve. Great to see you here. This is a very special place » that you've found. Why don't you make it to the next Howard House herf and » I'll fill you in. » » Wilkey I'll be! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, huh? Howdy, pardner. If I'd known you were coming, I'd have baked a cake. Now which herf are you talking about, The "regular" every-third-wednesday-o-the-month or the one on Sat 27th? Wednesdays are actually better for me but the 27th is not impossible, either. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Steve
  6. I heard about cigar smoking on the other side of the orb from some buds at eHerf. I didn't know there would be so many familiar handles here or I wouldn't have made up a new one myself. I'm vortex to many of your present members. (coriolis effect causes a vortex known as a tornado or hurricane) I live on the East Coast of the USA and I hope no one holds it against me. As Bart Simpson once said, "It wasn't me; I didn't do it!" I love cigars. All kinds of cigars. But my preference is medium-full strength, full body, full flavor. But I enjoy mild cigars if the flavor is there. I'm 50 yrs. old and have been a "serious" cigars smoker for two years. I didn't get into Habanos until I joined a cigar chat and learned the "ropes". I'll see ya on the boards, Steve

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