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  1. Thanks for the chuckles, Lisa! Although this one is a bit optimistic, doncha think? "The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness." I think if they reversed the stat to "four out of every one person" it may be more accurate. :-D
  2. » Excellent review, Rob, as always. X2 You've become a great reviewer, IMO. Keep up the good work as it's greatly appreciated.
  3. » Our little critter must have heard that we were coming for her on Saturday » so she kicked a hole in her sac on Friday at 2:00 AM. We hit the hospital » at 3:00 AM, were in the birthing room at 4:00 AM, and she was out of mommy » by 4:50 AM. My kind of labor » » Samantha Grace Wong entered our world weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. Chubby and » feisty![/b] » » Congratulations to you and your family, my friend. I concur! Congrats, my friend.
  4. » "Man I love this cigar. It has worked it's way into my heart as my favorite » cigar." » » Mine too. I am working on a box with the same code as Rob's and they are » superb. Thanks for the review, Rob! Between you three and Castro I'm sold. I read it was his favorite cigar. Of course, I've never met the man despite wanting to do so. He's supposed to have been a great conversationalist. I'll have to throw a single in with my first Czar shipment when I finally get around to it.:-P
  5. » Any chance of getting some cabs of these in so I could get my hands on » one?:-D Wow, that threw me at first, too! I looked under El Rey De Mundo and saw nothing. Then I caught them down the list under Rey De Mundo. They must not like definite articles down under? ;-) They don't have a cab but they carry a box of 25. I'm a fan of this stick, too. Haven't tried the young ones yet. It sounds like a wild ride from your enjoyable review. Thanks, Rob! :-D
  6. Sounds delicious! Thanks for the review. ;-)
  7. Yet another great pictorial review! I still haven't gotten around to a camera yet so I'm holding off on putting my newb02 in so far. Also, this flu has killed my sense of smell completely turning me into a non-smoker! I lit a dog rocket last night and I'm starting to get something - I think. Keep the reviews coming so I can smoke vicariously! ;-)
  8. » Tom, they are on the discontinued list, which is why I acquired some. » Given my first two tries, I had to agree with the taste testers. :-D » If most of what I have left taste as good as this most recent sample, » I'll consider it a win. Still available, too! hmmm ;-) Thanks for the review! I've been eying the Sanchos but these are a more convenient size.
  9. Thanks for the insightful info! I was thinking they would be the next habano line I would try but I'm thinking Diplimatico now.
  10. I guess it's possible this is a cigar that needs some age but CAN be good when young. I've only had one from '05 and it was creamy but lacked flavor. We'll not know for sure until the '06 crop has a few years and we can try one. As I understand it, this is just the nature of the beast. Age is as important an ingredient as soil and seed, in some cases. Am I wrong? My experience is limited to less than three years so age is a factor I am just beginning to understand on a first-hand basis.
  11. Wassup Wile E. Pull up a cigar and light up a chair! :-P
  12. And your Moontrance reputation is unknown here, too! :-D Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Does this mean you won't hang with us common folk no mo'? ;-) Sorry to hear about the dreaded flu! Get well and stay that way.
  13. » Head across to the Poll icon (right hand side of the page) and take the » time to fill out the poll on Custom Cigars. » » In the great tradition of early and vote often. » » We now return you to normal programming :cool: I must have gone blind! :-(
  14. » » Will there be like a hold and payment plan . » » » Yes there will be such a plan Jimmy. You pay and I will hold What about the other way around - you pay and I hold? :-P
  15. If I lived there I would swim the whole damn way and Heaven help any shark who got in my way. I eat shark! :-D
  16. » I've been smoking cigars for a number of years and I've never been able to » assess a plugged cigar by only looking at it. » » Above all else now I want some more BRC's. Doh! :-) You can't! :-|
  17. I imagine the cigar companies get some special treatment as they do continue to operate and even produce a good product. Where is Australia on the "list"?
  18. » » He smoke that cigar for a YEAR! » » Unbelievable! X2 I will say, though, I have had the experience of re-lighting a cigar and being pleasantly surprised. But I usually finish what I start - with cigars at least! :-P Also, sometimes I'll put a Cuban down and pick it up nearly out and find a pleasant change in the flavor at this cooler temp.
  19. Thanks for the preview, Ken! I can't wait to try one.
  20. Welcome to FOH, Goran. Pull up a chair and fire one up! :-D
  21. The key term is "over time". Time is a major factor for habanos and all hand-mades. Most cabs are 50 count and this means, on average, cigars from cabs tend to be older. Also, they are usually made from cedrela odorata, or Spanish Cedar. I just thought of another factor. Because cab cigars are rounder there is more airflow between the cigars enhancing the aging process. It's obvious I think aging has something to do with it.:-P

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