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  1. » Movie did not get good reviews but the DvD will be coming out in August. I will watch it being a big Pollack fan. Thank you for posting this!
  2. Thanks for the great review! I had a box from DIC 2005 that was so good I couldn't keep my hands off them and they are sadly gone now. I would love to know how this batch turns out down the road a piece. :-D
  3. Cleese is usually hilarious. I wonder if he even wrote this bit. Satire still has to be funny. Otherwise, it's a pointless bit of finger pointing. Considering how much potential material the author had (e.g. "The Colbert Report") he/she failed miserably! The only chuckle I got was the reference to American beer as "Near-Frozen Gnat's Urine"! :-P
  4. » I finished not an hour ago a Unicos from April 2006. It was better but » still only an average cigar. The draw was way too loose and there is still » a lack of core strength/body. I would rank it an 85. » » I will try again with another OCT 06 example. A body of data. Well, maybe an appendage. ;-) Inconsistency in cigars seems to be unavoidable, to some extent. But your reviews of various dates of a certain frontmark are intriguing. Thaks for the effort!
  5. » Outstanding post, Bob! So this is what you're thinking about while you're » smoking all those dynamite 06 and 07's, eh? ;-) » » Very well done, mate! » » Wilkey While Wilkey's thinking about fake '06 and '07s. :-P Moi? :-D Very well organized and presented!
  6. These sound like one to add to the list! Thanks for the review!
  7. » half your luck. i had one a few nights back and, while it was okay, i was » far less impressed than yourself. have had a few pyramides lately and was » putting together a collective review. mine will not fare so well. Sorry to hear that. The one I tried about 6 months ago from a different box was not anything like this one. I was disappointed as I was expecting it to be at least as tasty as the PSD4. I don't even know the date on the previous one as it was a gift at a herf. I am always grateful when I have a good cigar because I now know it doesn't always work out that way! I also bought a box of Monte Edmundos from '05 that were better than average. '05 may have been a slightly better year in general. Does anyone know the skinny on that?
  8. » » Salubrious: pleasant, agreeable, pleasing, enjoyable, pleasurable, nice, » » delightful » » Cool , didn't see that definition anywhere all I found pertained to health » and wellness. » » Was't giving any grief just wasn't sure how it fit. I think it's good to offer questions and criticisms and I've gotten past feeling insecure about it. In fact, sometimes it does annoy me a bit when folks are a bit thin-skinned. I like the word. Some words seem to sound like what they mean. Salubrious rolls off your tongue like smoke, good whiskey, and labia - those "tulip lips o luskus delph" whose "silken measures try to gauge the inside sweetness of your cave" :-P - Procol Harem Words can be a hoot! Also, I think how a cigar makes you feel is part of the experience and, in the case of this cigar, I was sent, obviouisly! :-D
  9. Wow, great thread! Ah, summertime! Of course, down under it's a whole other story!
  10. » A certain vendor we all know and love sells singles. Maybe put together a » list of fivers of the different PCs and perlas that he sells. You never » know what's going to suit your fancy until you try them. My thoughts, exactly! Take advantage of this opportunity. Also, Partagas makes some tasty PCs. The Super Partagas is affordable(around $4/stick) and a great value. Also, the Jose Piedras are very inexpensive but do have some quality issues. Above all, have fun! :-D
  11. Partagas PSP2 (SVF DIC 05) I don't write many reviews so I tend to do it when I'm impressed with a cigar. I know this tends to skew towards mostly favorable reviews but I'm too old to change now. ;-) I was impressed with the performance and the impact this cigar had on me. Awe is too trite an term to describe my reaction after smoking it. Dumbfounded with awe? :-P Size: 6 1/8 X 52 ring Shape: Pyramid Feel: firm and silky Appearance: brown with slight veins - tapered ala pyramid Pre-light: perfect draw, good bunching, promising spicy taste Light/Cut: half-inch guillotine, lightly toast foot 1st Third: Starts with a decent amount of smoke with a rich, spicy, and familiar flavor of Partagas. The flavor is toasty caramel with nuts. Sounds like a candy bar and tastes like it, too! Body is medium, flavor is very distinct, and finish is light so far. Spice starts to assert itself before long. The ash is dark gray and firm and holds for the whole third easily. So far very tasty and much like other Partagas. Second Third: There is some leather background now and more spice and flavor in general. The flavor really starts coming on in this third. Sometimes I get some vanilla and other times a bit of cocoa. I'm starting to feel the strength, too. Decent amount of nicotine and a really nice high. It's interesting how the high of some cigars is more than just the sum of its Vitamin N! The finish is now much better and quite sweet, too. This third I'm getting much more out of it than the last PSP2 I smoked. Last Third: Flavor, body, and strength are building nicely into this third. Draw starts to constrict a bit so I trim a bit of the cap to open it up again. Much better. The aroma is much like the taste and I find myself inhaling more than usual. Very sweet and salubrious. The high is really quite nice as I smoke this baby to the nub. The flavor is more subdued toward the end but very tasty nevertheless. The finish remains sweet to about the one inch mark. Conclusion: The complexity of this cigar is subtle. It doesn't drastically change from the same basic toasty/nutty/leather, Partagas flavor profile. But little, spicy notes pop up now and then. The flavor does build throughout, though. What separates this from other Partagas I've smoked is a combination of these little side notes of flavor and the exquisite high I'm getting! Very enjoyable, indeed. It is a slow burning cigar lasting well over an hour. This baby has plenty to keep me interested right to the half inch mark where I stab it with a jeweler's screwdriver and play with it some more. This Cigar is at least as good as any Cuban I've had to date. It will be interesting to see what happens to this crop after another year of aging! Summary: Construction: 10/10 Draw: 10/10 Burn: 9/10 Flavor 10/10 Complexity: 9/10 Finish: 9/10 Value 10/10 Handmade start with 30 Total: 97/100 Now I know what all the fuss is about because I never got anything quite like this from a non-Cuban. This Cubannoob is impressed!
  12. » » My goodness, Lisa has a sister??? YAY for us!!! Welcome aboard. » » No they didn't throw the mold away when they made her it was passed on » from me!!!!:-D That doesn't sound healthy! :-D Just couldn't resist :-P
  13. » Good looking bands! Sticks look oily. X2 but what's the price tag? :-P
  14. Thanks for the recommend! I just tried my first one - a #2 from '04, I think. Very tasty! :-P
  15. Welcome Robby! If Wilkey thinks your OK then you're the Cat's Pajamas! :-D
  16. » » I had to double check your name » » » » My first reading suggested you were a gynaecologist » » :rotfl: Me too! Welcome!
  17. » Chef I'm kind of thinking like you. I'm going to have to concede and move » on with life.. :-) » Excellent advise! Give yourself a cookie. :-P It's probably a combination of an imperfect seal and the lag time of the beads to compensate. As long as the RH is OK and your rotating your stock with some frequency, you should be OK, IMHO.
  18. » This is one of the best Cigars............... I agree. I smoked my first one last month and was wowed! :-P
  19. » Welcome to prepared to learn Couldn't have said it better! Welcome to FOH!
  20. » this is one of the cigars, i would really really really like to experience, » but have not have the pleasue yet.. » » miker X2 Being a BIG Partagas fan, this is at the top of the "Must try" list! Thanks for another great review!
  21. » "What do you do with dead people on your planet?" Priceless! :-D And knowing how these automatons behave, believable, too.
  22. »If inflation sets in you might lose money:-D I'm sure he was talking inflation adjusted; but, you might die tonight as the old Cat Stevens song used to say. I vote smoke 'em - with me! :-P

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