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  1. I always thought it was related to RH being to low.
  2. The kids keep everything regular, I know. Mine are grown now so I can do what I want. I usually smoke a small cigar in the morn, if any. RASCC, PLPC, BPC, Sig I, or II.
  3. When I first smoked a Monte #4 my tastes tended toward mild, flavorful cigars. Now I like an occasional mild cigar but mostly smoke Partagas, Cohiba, and Ramon Allones when I want a "happy ending".
  4. MAR10 Trini Reyes - amazing for a young cigar. I've found age evens them out but the flavor is all good, right from the git go!
  5. Welcome! Good intro cigar. I remember seeing that vintage recently but it was sold out.
  6. Welcome! This site should give you a rough idea of what's available.
  7. Welcome to FOH! If you love Cubans this is the spot!
  8. Me, too! A cab lasts a year so I'd have to buy four cabs to eventually get the "present" one to be 5YO.
  9. Agreed! It was already a joke over 100 years ago. This issue is most interesting when studied from the perspective of other countries that have implemented national health care/single-payer systems. Some work better than others. Once U.S. citizens(after they reclaim that privilege) get past the politics and rhetoric, a study should be made comparing some of the more successful ones. At the same time we'll have to examine how the present system failed so miserably in certain areas. But, and this is the big but, the present oligarchy cannot and will not do it. So this is moot until a critical mass of the population is sufficiently miserable to accept that the "system" cannot be fixed from within.
  10. '10 Boli PC - constantly amazed at how good these are young. Cocoa and spice and everything nice!
  11. Konichiwa, dude! Welcome to FOH!, Steve
  12. I was just going to suggest the Robusto Splits. What others like is immaterial. You just have to smoke them and form your own tastes, IMHO. Steve
  13. Lessons in this for everyone. The people are NOT powerless, as many would lead us to believe. If enough are determined and pissed-off enough, this can happen anywhere.
  14. Hi Dave, I don't post here very much either but I have you beat. Steve
  15. So this is a survey? Sure, why not? Minuto - Trini Reyes.....125 PC - BoliPC...................150 Cohiba Robusto...........300 Behike 54.....................350 $75 left for some lfdc Selectos or some PSP2 Tubos. Steve
  16. Welcome from Delaware! Maybe we could herf? Steve

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