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  1. I've been off the forums for a while because of major upheavals which put a bit too much on my plate to get into forum rabbit holes, discussions and arguments. Not to mention the constant siren song of the 24/24;) But I suddenly remembered the upcoming auction platform opening so I had to comeback! I just want to tell everyone involved, from the Prez on down, how freaking impressive this all looks! I work in IT in the banking sector, and let me tell you that building an auction platform, as a non financial institution... from where I'm sitting it shows a rock solid operation, mature organization. A well oiled machine that's ready to take on all challenges! Kudos to everyone at FOH. Impressive. Really impressive. And now, I have to go and sell one of my kidneys, maybe part of my liver...
  2. I just wanted to add 2 things. 1st: Canker sores are indeed a thing. Separate from herpes (although they can look feel somewhat similar I read). I meant that it's not a thing that's caused by smoking, or drinking. At least, I never experienced it and never heard of anyone getting habitual sores from liquor and tobacco. 2nd: This is indeed correct as far as the duration of the sores are concerned. BUT, you basically have wounds in your mouth. An antibiotic rinse will prevent you getting secondary infections and allow these wounds to heal properly. Also if you may already have a bacterial infection which might exacerbate symptoms. That alone is a reason to see a doctor who could prescribe antibiotics. Or at least talk to a pharmacist. Also smoke is an irritant. Laying off cigars for a few days will help with discomfort and healing. I AM NOT A DOCTOR
  3. That is not a thing. Either it's an infection, or your mouth really needs a break. Anyway go see a doctor. At least take a break and get some OTC antibiotic mouthrinse.
  4. I'm gonna have to disagree, in a good natured but slightly an*l retentive way. If you say :I have vintage cigars to trade. Then your definition applies and you can expect 5 years +. It's used colloquially for a bunch of stuff. Vintage clothes, vintage toys, vintage whatever. But I feel it's perfectly clear when you say :that's a 2018 vintage that you mean it's a cigar produced in 2018. And it's the original usage of the word. And it's also used colloquially. I more than once referred to my daughter as a 2012 vintage. To say something on topic: I have a box of 2016 punch punch tubos that are way better than 2017 Punch Punch DB, but the cigars themselves are better looking and have better aroma. So it might be a case of Garbage in garbage out, plus it's not that long of a time.
  5. I know these things are annoying, when instead of answering your question, someone tells you you're lucky and tells them their sob stories. Well, I can tell you you're lucky. I've been hit by customs twice, and both times I had to pay just over the price of the box in tax and duty. So go look up the price of 2 cabs of 50 Shorts or the price of 2 boxes of Bolivar Petit Corona, and then imagine receiving only one! ? (Again sorry about the sob story, couldn't resist;)
  6. Thank you. I'm so glad that my pain was entertaining. And to all of you who posted their indoor, decked out and all decorated, full bar smoking lounges, I will be lowered in the cold Quebec ground cursing your name. (To those who messaged me apologizing for "hijacking" my thread, I assure you it was all in jest.)
  7. I wanted to let everyone give real content, before I ask my question. BUT, as a ESL, I have to know: Isn't a brickbat just a brick? Am I missing something? I
  8. I don't have the stats to back me up, but given what I think the membership looks like in terms of gender, I feel like one particular demographic/preference will be overserved, while the rest might find themselves dry. ?
  9. I kind of agree with you seriously, but unless you have another source of revenue, or at the very least a house already paid, your not gonna go far with 25k. Most types of small businesses won`t have any profit in the first year, even if it ends up successful. Anybody has the same idea?
  10. I feel that I could start an innovative business that would research, in real time, different processes by which one could blow through 25k by spending it on random bullshit. I don't know that it would last though.... hard to keep that *spark* going.
  11. I mean... we went on a few dates..... But seriously? I waited until we were all together with our brothers, and waited until the conversation lent itself to quoting a sentence of her profile... pretty proud of my patience on that one. Her face going from laughing, to confusion, to realization was priceless!? It was all good natured though. Not mean.
  12. There wasn't any cigar in the cockpit, but questions like that always remind me of the guy in the orbital module around the moon when the other guys were ont the surface. When the module was on the other side of the moon, that guy was the farthest away from a human being that any human being has ever been....
  13. I'm like 6 months out of a 12 year relationship. Not quite ready to dive in yet, but I signed up to a few just to see what was going on nowadays. First look at Tinder, my sister came up..... ? Also, as I said I'm just kinda looking at people, but one thing drove me insane. People, women* in my case, who express profound disdain or outright hostility to the idea that someone would be looking for a one night stand on tinder. I'm certainly not judging either way. People want what they want and if you're looking for something serious it certainly is good that you say it in your profile. But you don't have to say like :"Filthy bunch of subhuman degenerates who are just looking for sex, you can rot in hell with your mother and swipe left." I mean, calm down. You're on Tinder. Some people are just looking for no strings attached sex. It's not a personal attack. *Not all women are like that either, just saying.

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